Being at the Top requires Work

My entry to #monomad challenge

Images were taken at the first floor of my building.
Just as the images one thing about life that I see from the image is that being at the top isn't an easy task. Below are the outline.

1) Climbing to the top: Climbing to the top requires a lot of energy. As you are going against gravity therefore a lot of energy is required. Interpreting this to real life means it requires passion, determination, constantly learning and improving oneself. Going to the top position be it political or management level requires a lot of sacrifice.

2) A clearer view at the top: Being at the top gives you more sight, as you can see more things that ordinarily you cannot see at the bottom. Being at the top gives you better and distance view, you tend to see a lot of weakness, strength, the good, the bad and the ugly.

3) Standing out: Being at the top means you have to be at the best possible behaviour as many people look up to you. Consequently you have to be beautiful and be good because once you are at the top you will be visible to a lot. The top does not allow bad behaviour. Once people start observing bad behaviour they lose trust and respect for such.

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