RE: Let's start the week off right with music in your Risingstar game

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We're just stopping by a few posts to mention that there is likely no benefit to you to use #peakd as a topic of this post. @PeakD doesn't distribute tokens if you use that topic. And it seems your post itself doesn't talk about PeakD... it's helpful to keep the topic page ( full of posts that actually talk about the topic of PeakD.

You have a limited number of topic-tags to use on your post, perhaps you are freed up to use a different topic that your post actually talks about.

To be honest the only people that visit the #peakd topic page is our team and maybe some new users who want to learn a bit about so using #peakd doesn't result in more views and if so they're people who are looking for posts actually about PeakD. We love when people use the #peakd topic AND talk about ... we actually give some very large votes to those people so if you'd like to write about the topic of we would love to see that.

Hopefully this has been educational and appreciated... we hope you are enjoying using and look forward to your future posts.