BTC Technical Analysis

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$BTC closed 1 above the first benchmark, 40.7. Normally, the 2nd day closing is also used as a confirmation.

According to our daily trading chart, the close of the 2nd day above 40.7 might bring us the upper edge of the triangle around 43425. The next target would be the range target, which is around 46.1.

Daily closing below 40.7 can be applied as an invalidation, that is, stop criterion.

Please pay attention to the invalidation / stop criteria. If I'm writing, I'm writing because it's more important to me than goals, right now stoops are more important than goals.

As we move forward depending on the news flow, things can get messy all of a sudden.

17.03 BTC.jpg

Initial target could be around 42.1 unless $BTC closes in hourly order below 40.7-40.9.

If there is a closing below the specified numbers, which I think 40.9 will guide you very well, then the 39.5-39.3 door opens, let's call it attention.

Good luck with,

It is not investment advice.

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