Splinterlands Diamond III End of Season EoS Rewards - Better this time?

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Last season I finished Diamond III but barely on the last day and I stopped playing. I didn't want to de-rank back to Gold I at the last second. This season I managed to get to Diamond III a few days early. I didn't want to just sit there for 3-4 days this time. So I took my chances. It went rather well. At one point I even hit 3108 rating! That is actually Diamond II if I had the collection power. Which I don't... and that'd be the highest rating I get anyway.

Still finished Diamond III. My previous season rewards were a bit meh. I haven't pulled a reward legendary in a couple months I think. Well... that finally changed! Much happier with this season's rewards though still nothing too spectacular, other than that one last card, which was a relief. There is always a point where you start wondering if what you're doing is worth it. And when you finally pull that legendary it is like... YES! Haha.

How was your EoS rewards?

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