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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-48888.977 CTP
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HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-2114.85 HIVE
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Curation reward: 3.103 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-11-2022
Staked 8.303 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 5.185 CTP for ctpsb/wlntuuai
Staked 5.198 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 3.118 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-10-2022
Curation reward: 5.198 CTP for liotes/jokgkyyw
Staked 3.122 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 3.122 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-9-2022
Staked 8.293 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 3.099 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-weekly-payouts-to-delegators-171-plus-prize-drawing
Staked 8.268 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 5.194 CTP for liotes/ntjfujpu
Curation reward: 3.131 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-7-2022
Curation reward: 5.137 CTP for ctpsb/ctp-power-up-challenge-things-are-heating-up
Staked 8.155 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Received stake of 135.394 CTP from ph1102
Curation reward: 3.06 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-6-2022
Staked 178.296 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Curation reward: 5.095 CTP for achim03/stpjqdgv
Curation reward: 3.014 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-5-2022
Curation reward: 5.024 CTP for achim03/enuwajlh
Curation reward: 5.012 CTP for ctpsb/after-3-days-already-3k-ctp-powered-up
Curation reward: 2.912 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-4-2022
Curation reward: 5.056 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-august-4th
Curation reward: 4.99 CTP for behiver/the-importance-of-writing-down-your-blog-ideas-on-leo-finance-and-hive
Curation reward: 4.891 CTP for finguru/leo-threads-microblogging-on-hive
Curation reward: 4.793 CTP for elizabetamt/larry-is-alive-contest-rg3exk
Curation reward: 4.694 CTP for flaxz/hunting-for-larry-day-19-larry-is-alive-august-4-2022
Curation reward: 4.623 CTP for brofund/a-prelude-of-what-is-to-come
Curation reward: 4.523 CTP for belemo/this-is-what-i-think-about-leo-threads
Curation reward: 2.832 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-3-2022
Curation reward: 5.073 CTP for cryptofiloz/dqycpafy
Curation reward: 4.928 CTP for achim03/sdbsmjsk
Curation reward: 4.757 CTP for yeckingo1/rising-star-giveaway-win-1-ef52b41bb76cc
Curation reward: 4.855 CTP for kevinnag58/update-iii-warning-millions-already-drained-in-continuing-solana-based-wallet-hack
Curation reward: 5.032 CTP for liotes/cgrsndaz
Curation reward: 4.688 CTP for finguru/3-simple-hacks-to-get
Curation reward: 4.608 CTP for taskmaster4450/hive-web-3-0-social-media-epicenter
Curation reward: 4.525 CTP for simpledemple/night-sky-city-lights
Curation reward: 4.434 CTP for archonapp/archontribe-news-46-contests-and-winners
Curation reward: 5.159 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-august-3rd-rg1c3n
Curation reward: 2.888 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-august-2-2022
Curation reward: 5.008 CTP for cryptofiloz/dovkpdbf
Curation reward: 4.917 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-august-2nd-rfzsmb
Curation reward: 5.016 CTP for achim03/qzwmugtf
Curation reward: 5.119 CTP for ctpsb/start-to-the-6th-edition-of-the-ctp-power-up-challenge
Curation reward: 4.775 CTP for yeckingo1/rising-star-giveaway-win-1-f58256ac26b4c
Curation reward: 4.68 CTP for taskmaster4450/pumps-the-reason-hive-and-hbd-need-derivatives
Curation reward: 4.605 CTP for finguru/how-to-stake-your-hbd-in-bhbd-cub-farm-101-39-apr
Curation reward: 4.505 CTP for sapphirecrypto/retail-investors-get-played-again
Curation reward: 5.165 CTP for ph1102/hive-pump-shaked-out-h-e-tokens--workerbee-ph-pool-week-77
Curation reward: 3.099 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-weekly-payouts-to-delegators-170-plus-prize-drawing
Curation reward: 4.857 CTP for cryptofiloz/wpydkolg
Transferred 176.679 CTP to ph1102
Curation reward: 4.986 CTP for ph1102/crypto-temptations-august-1st-hivepud
Curation reward: 5.019 CTP for achim03/500-hive-powered-up-could-be-better
Curation reward: 5.115 CTP for liotes/105percent-apr-1107percent-apy-for-delegators
Curation reward: 5.124 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-august-1st
Curation reward: 2.995 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-july-31-2022
Staked 49.472 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 107.746 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 7.71 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 36.789 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 40.539 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 78.048 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 36.216 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 93.635 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 58.065 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 54.43 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 48.64 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 48.236 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 44.718 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 40.783 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 35.397 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 45.558 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 49.755 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 93.146 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 35.304 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 91.221 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 44.42 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 160.406 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 51.512 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 47.479 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 42.741 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 90.714 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 42.312 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 96.523 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 35.448 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 33.968 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 46.377 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 57.04 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 33.433 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Transferred 46.84 CTP to cryptofiloz
Transferred 43.46 CTP to cryptofiloz
Transferred 89.589 CTP to cryptofiloz
Transferred 31.004 CTP to cryptofiloz
Transferred 46.894 CTP to cryptofiloz
Staked 42.057 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 37.438 CTP to ph1102.ctp
Staked 32.431 CTP to ph1102.ctp