It's Nice to be Appreciated .:. So You Can Appreciate Others Too

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You probably know that I'm one of the co-owners of the @Liotes project along with @achim03 and we are trying to create there different sub-projects that can help others in their growth... That can be financial growth, but also, mental growth, or personal growth... One of my favorite sub-projects is definitely the @Ourpick where every workday, we are searching for quality content on different tribes here on HIVE and pick the best ones... When we have them, we create a "reading suggestion post" where others can check them too!

Today, it was another day when we did it and you can check the post here... The best thing about this is sincere comments that we receive in the comment section from picked authors, but also, from readers that have found useful information among "our picks"! It's amazing how things are changing when you show appreciation for other's work by commenting on their's post, and promoting it on your own which is exactly what we are doing here... Authors are encouraged to continue with content creation as they are aware that others are READING their content and their work isn't in vain... And you know how hard it is when you come on some social network for the first time and receive ONE (or ZERO upvotes/comments) on your posts...

On the other side, this time, we have received a nice comment/appreciation from @nathanmars for doing these "collection posts"... It was just a short comment, but it means a lot for us as we also like to be appreciated for our work... Who doesn't like that?

So, go out, find posts that you are interested in, engage with the author by leaving the comment, and show your appreciation if that helped you if you learned something new... Let's make a difference... That's the ONLY way to make this world a better place...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Love this @ph1102
Appreciation is great to receive for sure and i agree that it is great that we can appreciate each other whilst improving peoples financial situation a real blessing.
Have the best day