Quest Rewards Of Splinterlands Game


Hello dear fellows of Hive community! I am again here to share my todays splinterlands quest rewards with you. I received 3 rewards of chest today .



Goblin engineers of the Burning Lands have outdone themselves with the latest model of the Lava Launcher, which unlike its predecessors, actually launches lava. The load chamber holds a fairly large amount of liquid magma, which is somehow balled up and launched toward enemies. Once it leaves the load chamber, the outside of the lava ball hardens instantly, making it land with highly destructive explosive power. This weapon was developed by Azad goblin engineers under the employ of the Torch and being paid handsomely for their developments. Its creators were named Irv and Sterv Flanklin, a pair of twin brothers who specialize in weaponry and vehicular design. They’re happy to say that of the first 100 Lava Launchers made, more than 40 of them did not catch fire with the driver inside.


  • 1 Alchemy Potion Charges
  • 1 Epic Card LAVA LAUNCHER
  • 18 Dark Energy Crystals
    In my todays quest rewards you can see, in the three loot chests I got one alchemy potion charges, one epic card LAVA LAUNCHER from fire splinter and 18 dark energy crystals.

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