Go rice fields pick the Feroniella lucida and take it make food


Hello Hive, yesterday I went to the rice field behind my home. I go there to find plant for eat and make food in the family. Yesterday evening I went to alone and walk around rice field. Now I want to show you about plant in the rice field and forest. Especially these plants grows in the forest and my villager pick it sell in the market. This plant my villager called Feroniella lucida. There are many fruits in this September, cambodia.


It's tall tree and I picked it by hand. It's old fruit in my hand and have thorn. Some plants we can't pick by hand and sometimes we use R'sey for pick it.



I take photograph by phone and zoom it. It is tall and there are alot of fruits at branches. It's not clear because sun was opened the light and I hope you like see it. I don't have thing for cosmopolitan. There are many ripes and greens on the trees. We can eat it and it is very sour.


I picked it and it is fall on the land. There are lots in the rice or grasses and I collected it for one place. There are small and big fruits. We can take it to boil, fry, cook and make food for living everyday.


I put it in the hat and take it home. I always wear this hat go to forest and I am not hot under the sun.


My Mother always give me pick to boil and make food for family. Especially we take it for make food in the kitchen and food should use it for ingredients. My villager always pick it that want to cook food. It has in this season in my village. You can come here I bring you to see it. Finally I hope you like it and know these fruits.

Thank you everyone.Have a good trip. Escape the covid-19. Stay home safe with family.


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