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The new Web 3.0 is here and most people are beginning to assimilate the concept very slowly, but in a progressive way. From my point of view, why waste time with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc, when with Hive and LeoFinance I can take advantage of time in a truly productive way and on platforms that are the quintessential representation of the new Web 3.0?

Hive and LeoFinance are very ahead of its time

Hive and LeoFinance are two platforms that are way too advanced for the current times, therefore, as with any innovative and unique technology, many people do not understand it yet.

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How could they understand such a unique, original and productive concept when they really have their attention focused on the largest and most famous social networks of today and when they believe that social networks are only for entertainment, communication and fun purposes, but little else?

Hive and LeoFinance are, right now, unknown to most people, but this will change over time, it's easy to tell. Due it is a scientifically proven fact that when there are too many options on the table, people do not know how to choose the best ones in the most appropriate way, an this is part of what is happening for Hive and LeoFinance. I mean, there are so many other social networks on the world stage today, that most people don't know the better ones (and the better ones are Hive and LeoFinance, without a doubt). But as I said, this will change, because over time, people will start noticing and using these platforms, and I'll be talking to you a little more about this later; but first I want to tell you something about the nature of innovative options.

The truth about choosing options

But, it shouldn't surprise us either that most people worldwide don't know and don't understand platforms like Hive and LeoFinance, after all, people find it hard to understand everything new; and when something new arrives, however good or better whatever with respect to the above, they resist accepting change.

We could say that this has traditionally been the case throughout the all of history of mankind, and if you don't believe me, let's think for a minute, for example, when the automobile was invented. Before the invention of the automobile, most people traveled mainly by horse-drawn carts, and when the automobile was invented, most people did not understand the innovative concept that they had in front; they just could not able to understand that they were visualizing nothing more and nothing less than the very future of land driving.

For this reason, in the beginning, most people refused to use motor vehicles and preferred to continue using horse-drawn carts. But as some people, who understood the technological advance they were witnessing, began to buy and use automobiles, then more and more people also began to understand the concept and wish to buy automobiles for their personal transportation.

Cars at that time were developed by craftsmen, since obviously there were no big brands or the car industry as we know it today; this meant that the costs of finished vehicles were high, and that at the time when most people already understood the concept of automotive driving, most of them just could not acquire vehicles due to their low personal economic income.

I mean, in those years the average common citizen could not buy a vehicle; even if he tried his best for it, because it was a real luxury to have a car in those days, in such a way that only the millionaires (the economically well-off class) were the buyers and users of such technology.

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But over time Henry Ford appeared and thanks to his efforts (and
the creation of serial production), he was able to produce vehicles that were economically within the reach of the common man, which made the automobile begin to become mass-produced, to the point of eventually becoming what it is today; a most normal means of transport, which the common person can acquire depending on its purchasing power, and its needs and interests.

The same thing that happened with vehicles, also happened with the electric light bulb, with computers and with any other invention and innovative technology in history. I mean that when the electric light bulb was invented, people were used to using kerosene lamps, so there had to be a time and a process from that point until the moment when people began to use this technology massively. And the same thing happened with computers, before they became widespread, the usual thing was typewriters (which today are nothing more than antiques and curiosities).

Understanding the true potential of something new is difficult for most people

Everything I have just explained shows that understanding the potential of something new and better is really difficult for most people. At first, people resist the change in front of them, because they generally don't understand the innovative, original, productive and real nature of what they are seeing at that moment.

So even though the future is in front of their eyes at that moment, they are not able to understand it, therefore they see, but they do not observe. Let us remember that between seeing and observing there is a level of understanding involved. So if you see something that you have never seen before, you will hardly understand it, unless you are very observant and analytical, and even a visionary.

Due the great visionaries of history are those who create innovative technology, but also those pioneers in the use of said technology.

That is the reason why Hive and LeoFinance are two platforms misunderstood by most people today

But as people realize the enormous potential and how great these social platforms are (far above the most known and used ones today), people will start to use them more and more, to the point where they become completely crowded. By that time, the visionaries (the pioneers), the loyal users who we have believed in Hive and LeoFinance and have supported them since their early years, we will be well positioned economically, and established as influencers of the new 3.0 era.

But don’t get me wrong, people have yet to understand the value of Hive and LeoFinance beyond the economic potential in their personal lives. Because it is well known that, through Hive and LeoFinance, users can obtain economic progress through the rewards we get for our posts and for our interaction with the content of others, and this is brutally positive and good (without a doubt, it is one of the greatest attractions of these Web 3.0 social platforms), but they are not the only thing that people must understand in order for the mass use of these platforms to occur.

Because when people understand more about the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, they begin to understand the value of a decentralized environment or ecosystem, where no one can block your content no matter how much as they want to; where no one can delete your account from the platform; where there is no censorship. And this is what allows people to like the idea of platforms like Hive and LeoFinance; and have loyalty and fidelity to these platforms.

Because, I emphasize, in a few years, I have no doubt that these platforms (Hive and LeoFinance), will be two of the largest social networks used by people, and by then, conventional social networks, which have not adapted to the phenomenon 3.0, they will have fallen into disuse and will probably even end up disappearing without leaving a trace.

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But, I'm saying here that we should stop using conventional social platforms?

No, I'm not saying that, plus everyone is free to decide on their own in that regard, because those social networks are obviously still important; but what I'm saying here is that we should start paying more attention to the networks that represent the Social Media future, such as Hive and LeoFinance; because this will bring us, in the future, enormous benefits at an economic and financial level, but also at the level of freedom of expression.

At the moment, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many others continue to be the social networks of the moment, that is undeniable, since they continue to be appreciated and used by most people worldwide; but the world will change (it always does) and when that happens, we're going to want to be on the side of the people who evolved and adapted to the Web 3.0 phenomenon, believe me.

Because although at this time most people are unaware of Hive and LeoFinance as social platforms (and/or are reluctant to use them), as time goes by and more people identify themselves as active users within these platforms; Thus, the phenomenon of massification explained before will occur.

So if we are going to continue using the most famous social networks today, we could at least also use them to promote Hive and LeoFinance through them, because this will help accelerate the growth of these two platforms respectively.

In this regard, it must be said that promoting Hive and LeoFinance as platforms as representatives of Web 3.0, within today's best-known social networks, is a great idea and it is not complicated, nor does it require great knowledge of Marketing and publicity. In addition, it does not require much effort, because one way to do it effectively is simply that, every time we publish a post on Hive and LeoFinance, we promote the link of each publication we make through the most famous social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc), and with this, it will be more than enough to start attracting the attention of more people to these platforms that are worthy representatives of Web 3.0.

So in short: About Hive and Leo Finance

Hive and LeoFinance are, in my opinion, the two best social platforms within the crypto environment and Web 3.0. And this is so not only because of what these platforms are today, but because of the potential they have in the future as technology and as unique, innovative, original, productive and decentralized social networks.

The creation of content, the ability to earn rewards in an environment or ecosystem where people actually care about genuinely interacting with each other, where the creation of knowledge and the discussion of ideas is full and uncensored; these are all just some of the wonderful features of Hive and LeoFinance, and it's part of what will catapult them to success as decentralized social networks, and us with them.

What do you think about the topic discussed? Please comment.

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