What does it mean to work with discipline?

Every time we think about what it takes to be successful in any field we can imagine, the word "discipline" comes to the fore. But...

What is discipline?

Discipline can be defined in many ways, but basically, it consists of that set of rules, precepts and norms whose full compliance leads to a specific result. It can be said then that discipline leads to success, and therefore, anyone who wants to be successful in something (whether financially, personally or in any other kind), must be disciplined.

And the benefits of discipline apply to anything you want to achieve, whether you want to be a millionaire one day, whether you want to be a professional weightlifter, a professional athlete, a great mountain climber, a successful painter, a famous musician, a Hollywood actor or whatever it be you want to be or achieve. Simpy put the name you want to your goal, but, if you want to achieve it, you must be disciplined.

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Because by law of cause and effect, if you are disciplined, you are constant in what you do, and to the extent that you seek to be disciplined, you also begin to motivate yourself more towards the achievement you seek to achieve.

And something curious happens, it turns out, on that cases, that we have discipline to make up for any lack of motivation that we initially may have in achieving our goals, but in the way as we will advance discipline also allows us to be more motivated to achieve our goals to the extent that we gradually achieve what we set out to do.

Because discipline takes us out of the state of inertia that keeps us inactive and discouraged and puts us in a different state of inertia, which keeps us constantly active and animated. Because the inertia of inactivity or rest, which is caused by reluctance and lack of discipline, is something negative from every point of view; but the inertia that drives us to be active and moving is what makes us motivated to achieve great things in life, and this type of inertia is totally positive, as it allows us to achieve our goals and objectives. That kind of benefits is what comes from being disciplined in what we do.

Being disciplined is something most people fail at

To put it better, if you want to be successful in whatever you set out to achieve, you have no option, it is necessary you have discipline. Because with discipline, things can sometimes continue to be complex, but if you are not disciplined in what you do, you will be chaotic; you will not feel motivated and you will make a series of mistakes in whatever you do, and this will surely lead to failure.

The motivation we have to be disciplined is then the achievement of a particular achievement (which can be of any nature), but on this path of being disciplined, the initial motivation is multiplied by inertia along the way (as I've already say before).

Let's take a simple example from real life, if our goal is to graduate from a university degree, we must be disciplined to achieve it. Therefore, the motivation we have to have discipline, in this case, is the fact of wanting to reach the goal we have (which in this case is being graduated, as I said). On this way, being disciplined, we will be, so to speak, being more motivated to continue on the path of the objective that we have set for ourselves, overcoming the vicissitudes and obstacles, and this happens as if by inertia.

This applies in all cases and to any goal that can be achieved through discipline, and I compare it allegorically to what happens with car engines. I refer here to what happens with internal combustion engines.

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Let me explain, as we well know, vehicle engines work through the interaction of a series of gears that make them up internally and that are set in motion by the fuel that drives them. But what starts the engine and brings it out of its idle state by inertia, is the spark.

I mean what triggers the engine to work continuously and constantly (by inertia of moving) at first is a small internal spark that starts when we activate or turn the key of our vehicle to start it.

So, the spark is what changes the state of rest inertial and converts it to motion by inertia (or moving constantly). Well, equivalent to that spark that starts the engine, and takes it out of inactivity, is the discipline in achieving our goals.

Achieving financial success requires discipline

How could it be otherwise, achieving the financial success we long for in our lives (freedom and monetary wealth), requires that we be disciplined.

For example, anyone who wants to be a successful author on Hive must be disciplined. The discipline in this case is to be persistent, and try to write quality content every day, while genuinely interacting with the content of others.

Those who get discouraged because they are not getting rewards yet on Hive while others are already getting them, are making several mistakes along the way, because on the one hand, they are not understanding that those who already enjoy the benefit of earning important rewards writing any of their publications, they succeeded because they were disciplined, and are disciplined, in their activity on the platform. On the other hand, they are not understanding the cause-effect relationship that exists between effort and success in something. They don't understand that they have to be disciplined first and foremost to achieve the success they want in Hive. No, because they just want to be successful and then be motivated to write and be disciplined, and that's not the order things work.

Another thing we need to know about our goals

Another thing that we must remember is that, in terms of achieving our goals, we cannot go from 0 km to 100 km in a short time because is very dangerous. Instead it will be the Discipline will give us the drive, the ability and the experience to make small advances every day, and to achieve bigger and bigger goals until we finally reach our goal of success and progress on whatever we want.

Because this situation is very similar like someone who wants to be a professional weightlifter. That person should start his journey getting used to lifting light weights, to gradually increase, later, the amount of weight he will lift. If he does not do this way, not only will it not achieve its goal that, but he will injure his spine or worse.

In the case of someone who wants to be successful and is not disciplined, you will end up unmotivated, abandoning all effort and believing that it is impossible to achieve success in what it wanted.

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You have to be disciplined to be successful, not successful to be disciplined

In other words, we must be disciplined to succeed at anything we set out to do, because it is absurd to want to first succeed at something in order to be motivated to continue succeeding. We need make things happen and the key of that is discipline.

We need to know that discipline keeps us working when personal motivation fails us, and along the way, it drives us to keep fighting towards our goals and ends up motivating us to achieve them; even when, initially, we may have felt unwilling or discouraged to do so.

To put it in simpler terms, regarding what we talked about before, someone who has as a personal goal to be successful in Hive, must have the discipline to write every day; this will make it force itsself to do it regardless how it feel. And by doing so, there will come a time when it will stop feeling demotivated, and on the contrary, it will always feel motivated to continue writing on Hive on a constant basis.

It is like what happens with a person who is physically inactive, suppose that person joins a gym to try to keep active and in good shape; because what will determine whether or not it will achieve that goal will be the discipline he has to regularly attend that gym and comply with its exercise routine.

As is logical, due to lack of habit and by inertia, that person will initially feel enormous reluctance to attend the gym, so it must make up for this lack of motivation through discipline. After a few weeks or months of constant discipline, that person will no longer feel demotivated to go to the gym, but it will be quite the opposite; it will have more and more perseverance and desire to go to the gym and fulfill their regular exercise routine, and will do effectively, effortlessly. This is how discipline works to achieve our goals of success.

So whenever we feel unwilling or discouraged to continue in the crypto market (due to the current bearish scenario), or in Hive (because at the moment we are not achieving the success we want), let us remember that the key to overcoming all obstacles to success we want is no other than discipline.

Due discipline will give us the will and the strength to continue doing what we know we must do to achieve success and to be better and better at what we do.

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