ABSTRACT: This topic was born out of decadence and catastrophical state of Nigeria. What seems to be the pride of africa has become a mere mirage and shadow of its own glory.


  1. Giant of Africa(once upon a time.
  2. Mineral resources versus mineral exploitation.
  3. Threat to National unity.
  4. Industrial revolution.
  5. Bad government.
  6. Politics(political parties).
  7. Corruption.
  8. Election.
  9. Religious conflicts.
  10. Manslaughter (endsars protest) Man's inhumanity to man.
  11. Unemployment
    12.laziness among youth( who is to be blamed)
  12. Attempt of greener pasture outside Nigeria.
  13. Educational sector
  14. Moral decadence
  15. Insecurity versus security.
  16. The labour of our heroes past.

Point 1(Giant of Africa)
Once upon a time , there was a Country Called Nigeria which was referred to as the "Giant of Africa" . Her smile was the sun, her peace were unnegotiable, her love was evitable, her strength was like that of an eagle and her unity undeniable. Ohh that giant Africa! the land that flows with milk and honey, endowed with magnificent Natural resources, unrivalled with diversed culture, embellished with men of valour. The Giant africa birthed with erudites and intellectual seeds, the economic heart beat of all nations, dexterous with it's artistic skills, born with talented souls but full of a valley of dry bones. How thou the mighty fallen oh Giant of Africa? Where is thy glory oh mother of the great continent of Africa.

Point 2( mineral resources vs mineral exploitation)
Once upon a time, there was a Country Called Nigeria blessed & endowed with exquisite mineral resources, it is a treasure island in the coast of the Sea. She was the envy of other nation's, Loved by both Divinity & Humanity yet what should have being a blessing is now a curse. The Precious gold of the nation has turned a filthy rag to its people. Those who we choose & felt worthy enough to preserve them for our generation yet unborn now exploits them for their selfish interest. our mineral resources are being used to beautify other nation's and enrich their economy while we ravish in abject poverty like crippling begger by the road side asking for arm's in regret. Indeed our story can be referred too as the King Solomon's paradox, "master's are on foots why servant's on horses!" What a mischievious prejudice.

Point 3( Threat to National unity) :
Once Upon a time, There was a Country Called Nigeria,
We pledge allegiance to protect her unity, and uphold her honour and glory... but today the reverse is the case. Nepotism and tribalism remains the Cankerworm eating up the vegetable from it's taproot. What do we see on network news daily, Tribal conflicts, religious cleavages, ethnic clash like the horrible Titanic-clash, agitation for separation of minority groups who feel that they're neglected In what is supposed to be the national cake. Even the so called religion leader's are not left out, they preach war in disguise. Traditional leaders are now politicizing their reign trading the Unity of their Community for stomach gain. This used to be a country where we're fun of our diversities in language, different delicacy of food worth testing by other tribe's & a vigorous multiple-cultural system that allows oneness but today it seems that favourtism is given to a specific group causing a meltdown of the spirit of oneness. Indeed, The hatchet is falling & the stars are fading away like the moon light.

Point 4( industrial revolution)
Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, it was birthed with powerful and mighty seeds, seeds of timbre and calimbre . Seeds with strength as that of an an eagles. Down in the dumps our industries transited to a new level, technology has now being embraced like a mother who leaped for joy seeing its progeny released from captivity. Back in the good old days labour was valued , human efforts where appreciated but today technology has nullify its effect. Technology has leverage the seed power and ability to a nonentity.our old active industries has gone into extinction all in the name of technology. They call it civilization, man power has been watered down to a point where laziness now steps in. Young vibrant seeds are living miserably roaming about street for greener pastures while technology has reduced the work force which has led to unemployment. Technology has perpetuated more evil than we know. Evil looms, our nation is at its eleventh hour.

Point 5( bad government)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria whose government was for the people, by the people and of the people. Its leaders were blessed with great visions, insights, intellects, and ideologies of Making her a reference point. They foresaw her trans-generational impact and moved in oneness to call her a Republican. But th reverse is the case today, a government whose interest is for their pockets. A misdirected system which failure is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. They make futility promises engulfed with charming words but deception in reality. Indeed, the labour's of our hero's past are almost in vain cause of this theivies in saint's clothing. I hear she cry, "When shall will leave the hands of the egyptian government who enslaves her citizens". A malevolent government!!!

Point 6( politics)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria , well known for her political trait. National of the world borrows from their political ideologies but today Different political parties are feud against its rivals. Today politics is a game of give and take. Politicians deflect from one party to another for their selfish benefits to win elections. Her citizens fight each other for choosing their rival parties. politicians give fake manifestoes promising her citizens , after voting them in they turn their back on them . The motive of politics was to raise good leadership system but reverse is the case. This is scandalous to her citizens. Politics is now refered to as a "dirty game" not knowing that it's the player's who made it dirty. Who will deliver us from this menace?
Point 7(corruption)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria,
a famous people who bear the virtue of integrity, honest, & held the cord values of national patriotism. She was unbiased with her judgements, her transparency is second to non, she bears the crown of purity Like that of Christ. Just as an advancing man whose strength diminished as he grows older so is it with the virtue of Nigeria. delinquent and Nefarious activities has become a daily meal, infact corruption is now the true definition of her name Nigeria. The crown is corrupted, the chambers navigates in corruption, the arm forces executive corruption, the citizen's arrest are left to play the scripts titled corruption. Justice & equity has left our court rooms as a result of bribe. Black turns White with an unchallenged proofs in our court's. A Country where snake now swallows money, ah!Corruption is at its peak, we eat it like a delicious meal and digest it with could water. the anomalous corruption in our father's land has escalated and more worst than the then sodom and gomorrah. It may since to be awarding that she was ranked second most corrupt country in west africa in 2020. For how shall this corruption thrive on? For how long shall we continue in corruption that Grace may abound?

Point 8(Election)
Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria. Impartiality was her virtue, tranquility and serenity was embraced by her people . Her citizens glady go out in mass to participate in elections, because election results were free and fair. Oh! This was her past Glory. Candidates indulge in fetish and malicious activities all in the name of fortification to gain supremacy and reign over their antagonist. Malpractice and other electoral vices have become the order of our process of gaining new hands. Fake manifestoes /propaganda were delivered to her citizens to cajole them into voting them in. Electoral officers indulge in stealing of ballot papers at polling stations, electoral malpractice here and there. Her citizens now sell their voters for a mere cup of rice. The bourgeois are not considered to contest for elections , tribalism erupts in here. Election used to be the process of bringing in better candidates but today it's a process of favoritism and godfatherism. We cry for an antidote to lessen the fatal issues facing our nation, else we move like a breakless train heading for destruction.

Point 9( religious conflicts)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria , she had peaceful coexistence with her two major religions (christianity and muslim) . They shared ideas and beliefs together , despite their religion differences . They fought together as one , they lived in peace and Harmony. In the latter days her peace turned into war, religion rise against religion. Since independence in 1960 Nigeria has had many religious crises which has persisted till date . Groups compete for political power as well as land and water resources . This competition has led rise to conflicts between both religious group. A terrorist group aroused with a deadly ideology towards a particular set of religion but today it since like their attack is now for all. They are ranked the 4th deadliest terrorist group in the world and aims to establish an islamic state in Northern Nigeria. They plot against christians , bombs are planted in different places of worship , houses are burnt to ashes, many people killed. The farmers-herdsmen conflict violent clashes between radical islamist -fulani herders and christian farmers is increasing every . Currently this is her trending issue , it is pathetic & disheartening to know that the government is keeping deaf ears to this issue. People who survive through farming are scared of going to farm. Our farms are turn to zombie arena, the herdsmen intentionally allow their cattles to feed on people's crops, they destroy crops they never knew the origin, even to the extent of killing farmers . This has led to the inflation of agricultural products. How come did we get here?

Point 10( man slaughter: end sars protest - man's inhumanity to man)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, she was her brother's keeper. She lived peacefully with her citizens. But today blood shed is appaling in our country Nigeria , we live in fear daily. Different atrocious activities are being committed by her citizens. Homicide has taken the order of the day, both home and abroad her citizens are perpetrator of unimaginable crimes. Occultic / ritual practices, unhealthy culture practises & inhumanity to man. Ohhh what an unfortunate generation.

Point 11(unemployment)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, with diverse opportunities. Her land is blessed with greener pastures, filled with Hope and aspirations. But in her present day vacancies are scarcity commodities, there is little or no job opportunities anymore. literates with sound results are roaming about in the streets like sheep with no shepherd. One of the joy people send their children to school was to be educated and get a white collar jobs but we see graduates for years still hunting for jobs like a frustrated hunter. Yesterday's unemployment has resulted to today's alarming crimes, never forget"an idle mind He's the devil's workshop". Today's interviews is just a show off. Employment in my Country is now by favouritism, & godfatherism. It is now the saying of the people that connection is the only gate way to get jobs in our country. What of those people who don't have connection? What is supposed to be an asset to us is now a liability. Where do we go from here?

Point 12 ( laziness among youth) who is to blame?

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria. Her youths are talented. Her youths strived for the best, her youths possess the quality of consistency. Her youths were hardworking. Gone are the days when youths had the zeal to work hard to earn living. The youth of nowadays wants meal to be brought on the table for them without working. They advocate for good leadership yet they don't set goals to achieve it. The same youths that complains of bad leadership , they eulogize other developed countries
Yet they can't bring heads to together to make their country a better place. They lay complain but don't take action. They want to be pushed before they move. Parent's who are supposed to nurture them in the right way leaves them to the cold hands of evil associate's. The so called Government that is supposed to provide all social amenities and an enabling environment has totally failed in their responsibilities. Who should we blame?

Point 13 (Attempt of greener pastures outside nigeria)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, doubtfully she is the most blessed with natural resources among all other African countries. The economic climate of the her country worsens everyday . Her resources are useless to her citizens. Her citizens migrate to far and near countries to seek for greener pastures. Her currency has less value . Due to this virus we have moved from a developed country to an underdeveloped Country. The desperation to escape acute poverty has led rise to her citizens to seek fortune in other countries not considering the means, Irrespective of the fact they have so get to their preferred destination through illegal routes. During the course of that so many lives has been lost . Everybody wants to live a better life. The green passport is not a Cancer to other nation's and a disease to us. What a show of shame!


Point 14( Education sector)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, where education was seen as a pride. Where education was seen as a key to unlock potentials. Education was thirsted for like a man thirsty for water. She use to have Free education, Free books, run scholarships program's. Gone at those day's where schools were built by the government and charity organizations, students were passed based on performance not preference. But in the present day all have been erased, the poor Man on the street can no longer afford school fees for his children. The sweet savor for education has lost its taste. Exams are no longer a proof to test onces knowledge but a means of exploitation. corruption in the educational system has escalated to a mighty ocean without caution. Admission is no longer given to the merited but to the highest bidder. Those who we entrust our children to are now abusing them in all mannerism. No one eats his cake and still have it at hand. Where did we miss it?

Point 15( moral decadence)
Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria, she embraced her moral values, she sticked to them . She practiced her cultural values. In today's generation moral values have metamorphosed to a deadly virus in the society. Our cultures are drastically fading away all in the name of civilization. The society has being turned upside down because of the shameless and frivolous activities ongoing. Our cultural and moral values is being denegrated and likely to be erased if care is not taking. Gone are those days where you will see a certain tribe boy/girl prostrating/ genuflecting to greet an elderly man, now greeting elderly people is now a matter of choice. Youth of nowadays has turned insane people inthe society all in the name of fashion, that we can't distinguish between the mad person on the street from the normal person.The male gender bore holes on their ears, they draw tattoos on their skin, they put on radical trousers,they no longer put on belts they call it "low waist". They do all soughts of hard drugs in the name of motivation. The female gender walk naked in streets exposing their sensitive body parts , they bore holes on their nose and mouth as if they train rabbits there. They call it modernization. Where did we copy such satanic culture from? These present generation is more like rotten eggs to the society. Our culture is fading away like the stars of the morning.

Point 16(insecurity versus security)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria , she was safe in the hands of her citizens. Her citizens were able to migrate across her states. But in her present day the phobia of safety has become a trouble in her mind. Her movement is fettered across her land because of the phobia of insecurity, she is plagued by Insecurity. Insecurity has been a major challenge to cooperate existence and social economy uprise. The activities of the terrorist Groups, bandits and unknown gunmen had crippled her combat strength both home and abroad. Activities like suicide bomb, genocide, burning of police station/ houses, rape, armed robbery, destruction of oil facilities, fulani herdsmen attack keep a constant free in our minds. The north, South, east & west, none is safe not even our dearly beloved bushes. Lots of lives and properties have being lost including life's, families rendered homeless . Ironically the Nigeria government keep telling us that now is the country safe than before what a lunatic statement. The life's of Her citizens is meaningless to her leader's who swore to protect her & her properties. Indeed, when the wicked is on the throne, the people perish.

Point 17( the labour of our heroes past)

Once upon a time there was a country called Nigeria. Her founding fathers laboured tirelessly to save her country from british/colonial masters. They fought for the nation to be an independent nation 60years ago. Her successors brought them out of slavery but predecessor takes them back to slavery. We made a oath not to put "the labour of our heroes past in vain, to serve with heart and mind, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity" yet in our very eyes we see the mighty nation's built on the founding fathers blood's waste away. We are no longer the patriotic citizens we used to be in the former days. What a tragedy!!!. Our leaders , government and her citizens have failed her heroes. The likes of our heroes heart's bleed for a nation they fought for its freedom. The axe head is fallen, the centre cannot hold.

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