[WE108] Sexy time Weekend

 I’ve always felt that love might be hard, but meeting you gave me a new idea. I never believed I’ll have someone this loving,strong,powerful,sweet and lovely in my life, but then God sent you to me. 

  Ferguson, knowing you has given me life a new, you’ve given me more than a million reasons to live again, your lovely love has pulled me out of my previous hurts, you’ve showed me love incomparable. For adoring me and constantly trying to bring a smile on my face, I have chosen to offer you the kingly reward you deserve.

  How about a romantic time weekend at the beach side. Those moments when I have you all to myself, off your busy times and distractions. I want to offer you everything of myself. Your body on mine, your kisses on mine, your hands delicately put on my bosom with the ice melting down my belly. I want to feel what having sex in the tub is like, I want to have what fucking you by the sandy beach bank feels like. 

On the beloved nighties you gave me, I want to have you make peaceful love to me, your fingers gliding gently inside of me in a manner I can’t ever refuse.

   Ferguson if loving you is incorrect then I don’t want to get it right. If I’m to offer my life to acquire your affection, without a second thought I’m removing my breathe simply for you. I’m so in love with you that I would like to have you all day on me until I’m out of breath.      
I want us to enjoy the movies both nude on the sofa, siping from a glass of wine, your head resting on my thighs and my hands gently stroking over your hairy chest. 

I want to have us get so high on alcohol and drugs and anything you can think of, go wild, crazy and uncontrollably horny together. 


  Those things I’m terrified to utter with my lips I want to say them to you with my hands, staring you in the eyes and kissing you passionately like I’m dying the next minute. 
   How would I ever get well without your love, how world I ever survive without your hands on mine, how would I ever feel good without you uttering those seductive words to my ears. 

  Offering you my body, I simply want you to know how impotent your love has made me, how weak your love has made me become. 
  For the strengths you’ve given me, for every time you’ve stood by me, for every minute you’ve made me smile, for those pains you’ve taken off my life, for the days you’ve been my only shoulder to lean on, for the days when your ears listened to my words, the days when your hands wiped my tears, the days when your lips kissed away my worries and for every inexplainable feeling you’ve given me, I’m giving you all me, given you a special chance of having the greatest the taste of me. 
    Yes you deserve more than I’m providing but I’m sure you won’t resist🥵. Ferguson you’re my life, my Strength, you’re a healing to me, you’re my tranquility and every reason I want to keep being. You’re my home and my universe. I couldn’t ask for more since I know you’ll be mine Forever💖