The Moon Watch Series | Full Moon in Aquarius | Embracing Your Emotional Journey 7.23.2021βœ¨πŸ’«


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Embracing our emotions isn't always an easy journey, but it is the way to spiritual growth & maturity...when we finally stop & take stock of where certain belief systems (as well as the emotions) are stemming from, this is when we learn the important lessons we need to and can go forward in our best life path as we do the work...

It is also a time for being mindful in our actions that can directly affect those who are around us....

Here in this Moon Watch Series episode, the Universe has a few powerful messages for all of us to keep in mind as we enter fully into the Full Moon in Aquarius. It's time we nurture ourselves as well as our mental health as well..

So, grab a drink (or your favorite crystal) & join me to hear your message for this moon cycle …. ;)

Today’s Music: Violeta - Ballpoint, Cushy, Dylan Sitts (through Epidemic Sound)

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