AFIT / AFITX token update - 12/31/2019 to 01/06/2020


Welcome to my weekly AFIT & AFITX token development report. The tokens are part of the Actifit platform. They are used to reward people for their physical achievements and can be used to purchase items on the market place. All information is obtained from Steem Engine and the Actifit wallet.

AFIT Token

The AFIT price increased with 25% to 0.00200 STEEM on 06 January (Close). In total 1.49M tokens have been distributed last week while 46k tokens burned. The total number of tokens burned is now 4.69M or 6.36% of the total number of tokens distributed. The nett token transfer from Steem-Engine to Actifit wallets was 260k.


The AFITX price decreased with 1% to 10.30 STEEM on 06 January (Close). No tokens have been distributed or burned in this period. Actifit holds the major share of minted AFITX tokens with 62%.

This concludes my report, thank you for reading.

Image source: Header picture from Pixabay and all other charts and tables by @pjansen

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