Hello Friends, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your day with loved ones. We all have certain earnings which comes every month for most of us may be from any source wether it is from part time job or full time job or any big or small business. But we have a earnings and expenses too.

I was just wondering about my earnings and expenses. I get my salary on every last working day of the month and believe me or not my expenses are more than my salary.

**So here a word called planning, we should know how to plan your expense according to your income. We should prepare a chart of investment, savings and monthly expenses. This way you will be able to atleast save and invest.

But the question is does this chart work for everyone ❓

No, this does not work for everyone because either your planning is not proper or your expenses are really more. For that, as per my opinion you will have to involve yourself and your family into this planning, they would understand you and your income. And this chart might work. Every problem has a solution, your solution might be different from mine. I solve my problems by involving my husband into it. He gives me some good ideas and great motivation, I also had the this planning problem but he understood and helped me coming out of this situation.

I just want to talk about the stating phase of mine, when I just started working in a consultation firm. I was so immature I use to spend all my salary without investing it anywhere and giving it to my family. I just couldn't save. When I think about those years I feel bad, I could have saved a lot if the planning was done.

So start the planning for better future and keep sharing if any other thoughts we have.