Community update : main social blog is online and working


Blog is completed and open for signups. All content and most of user data is migrated. I will described in short what you have there.

It is Hive enabled Wordpress blog that uses EXXP plugin in order to connect blog posting with Hive blockchain.

Front page is very simple featuring a post feed of all members. Individual post pages feature post content, author box, comment Hive box and various buttons to search post related discussion on other websites ( Twitter, dBuzz, MemoCash).

Support links are listed on a front page: Twitter, Discord server, LinkedIn and Hive.

Social blog has prolonged FAQ where you can find all info from account management to monetization and tools.

Internal tools include:

  • Cross-publishing to Hive - EXXP plugin
  • Upload media up to 4GB - video and audio
  • Proofreading - if you are in a hurry
  • Content templates - save your favorite text templates and load them in a click
  • Social auto-poster - auto-posting, sharing and scheduling for social media accounts
  • Stories - visual appealing content, videos, media, mutual database
  • PressForward RSS scraper and reader, collaboration and suggestions
  • SEO improvement
  • Hey Notify your own bot for messenger notifications for Discord, Slack, Email and Teams
  • Internal microblog for team collaboration
  • Republishing and content distribution with rewards
  • Rewards and payment upfront agreed with author chosen method...
Beside internal tools, a website has encrypted Pastebin and personal Bookmark manager that are separate productivity tools.

Future upgrades include things like the point system, non-custodial wallets, marketplace for NFTs and things that members find useful enough to be included into a webpage.

Main means of communication would preferably be Discord server . Current admin is @aschatria.

If anything is unclear, ask in Discord server.