Crazy Bikeman


Lately, I find myself diving down through memory lanes and I just can’t help but to share some of it with you guys over here. One of these memories that just seems to not want to go away was one I had thought would take my life with it.

It was sometime around 2007, me and some friends were on our way back from where we had all gone to play when we saw this crazy bike rider speeding down the road. We all sighted him from afar and were all talking about how he could easily lose his life with the way he was driving when one of my friends got possessed (because I couldn’t find any other word to describe what he did) and shouted out an insult at the man just as he drove past us.

You know how Tom (from the Tom and Jerry cartoon) gets suspended in the air for like a second as if frozen, before falling down to the floor, well that was how we all stood frozen and watched the bike man. We were all trying to see if he heard the insults and just as he slowed down his bike and made a quick turn, everyone ran for their lives, everyone except the one person who had insulted the bikeman.


Crazy I know, but for some weird reasons he had decided not to run and the rest of us who were actually innocent were the ones who got chased by the bikeman. We all ran in different directions but for another strange reason, the bikeman decided to stay on me and there was little to nothing my little legs could do against a bike.

So when it became obvious that I couldn’t outrun the man, I stopped and decided to explain and maybe plead with him instead.

I had explained to him that I wasn’t the one who insulted him and when he asked me to go show him the person who did, I had done just that. The man had asked me to get on his bike after which I took him to where I knew my friends would be. They had all been shocked when they saw me getting down from his bike and as expected, they had all denied knowing what I was talking about.

At the end, the people around had pleaded on our behalf and the man had finally let us walk.