We95: Motorcycle Accident

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It's another fun filled weekend, as another weekend engagement topic was brought to us by @galenkp.
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Tell us about your own vehicle accident, the incident, how it occurred, where, and what was the outcome? How was the repair and replacement process and your recovery from injuries. This can be car, truck or motorcycle-related.


Accident is an unexpected, unintentional event that can cause injury, dead or loss of properties.
Nobody wants to be victims of accident but sometimes it happens due to carelessness or ignorance.

I will be writing about my experience of a motorcycle accident which caused me a scar that has lasted more than 3 years

It happened last 3 years when i was coming back from school.
Walking down a major road, although i looked left,right and i saw the motorcycle, I didn't expect it to come with so much speed to me so i did not run.
Getting very close to me, the driver held brake but then my left leg has already touched the head pipe (hotest spot on the motorcycle engine).
It was so hot because the engine has been on for a long time.
Immediately my skin burnt, i was just carried home and then i later went to a pharmacy that helped me with treatment.
My kind of skin, makes scar on any slight injury, since then i had the scar like a moon on my left leg.
The driver was not injured,thank God there was no Car at his front or back to hit him.

Since this incident happened i get so scared of motorcycle and even if i enter one i avoid my legs touching the head pipe...hahahahah
I just pray this scar goes, but i think i will be living with it for the rest of my life and i will never forget that experience that happened that day.

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Hi @prechidi That must have hurt!
It is a shame about the scar, maybe it will fade over time, I hope so.