PSYBER-X - Yes, you must submit!

Psyber-X is the answer to the question "When can I pretend to be a mech'ed up Richard Decker/Agent K hybrid and battle in a dystopian cyberpunk warzone while earning blockchain rewards?"

In my opinion, this is the ultimate question of our age!

Psyber-X is an exciting First Person Shooter game on Hive that is set to release in Q1/Q2 2022. That is the near future! It is so cool to see excellent art partnered with blockchain, NFTs, upgrades, and most importantly HIVE... and even more most importantly-er, it is not a card game. Those are great. It is also impossible to stumble around the cryptoworld without tripping over a dozen of them.

We need diversity in games, high standards in gameplay, and fun. Do we need to blow each other away with plasma rifles and flame drones for fun and profit? Yes. Yes, we do.

If you are more of a money person than a slayer, there are LPs with oneup over on Beeswap/Tribaldex, and tournaments on Splinterlands hosted by the Psyber-X squad.

To learn more, find a community just itching to hunt each other down in a neon urban wasteland in loving fashion check out the discord group. You can find gameplay videos, updates, and info on the game!

Join us on Discord #psyberx #hive

And, to sate your curiosity, check out this "top secret leak" of gameplay here:


Check it out, get excited, plug in your cybermods, cryptoblades, and set phasers to kill


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