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I am not even sure if I like any of the P2E games I have played. In part, the "E" kind of ruins games that show promise when you realize other players are getting a lot more lucky than you or getting amazing cards while you always get garbage (this is my Splinterlands experience...11 months of playing and 0 Legendary cards in that whole time). You start to realize that (a) you missed the glory days when things were cheap, (b) when you did get in everything got expensive fast and the bubble burst so you are stuck with stacks of depreciating assets, (c) the better cards other players get from luck increases the gap in what you are able to accomplish and what they are able to do, and that leads to (d) you either quit and eat the loss or you try to play your way out, getting more frustrated and resentful as time goes on.

All that negativity aside, there also is the huge amount of patience requested of players for these games...we put in money, buy stuff (now buy whitelists to be able to buy stuff) and the wait eons for the complicated development to happen. I think these must be hard games to build, so they are playing at a disadvantage. That being said, there are more and more exciting looking "fun to play" games that seem to be on the horizon. Maybe the time of disguised faucets and Magick clones will someday pass?