Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: CHAOS KNIGHT


You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

In this Weekly Battle Challenge, those of us with CP under a billion can participate and win battles while doing so!

With the changes to the Starter Deck, Chaos Knight has become a regular feature in my Bronze battles. I look to her to provide a frontline buffer giving time to my other cards, especially low health archers, a little time to do some damage. Some of this card's appealing features are:

Reasonable Mana Cost
Decent Melee Damage
+3 Armor
"Shield" Ability

So, a good choice for battles when you might not be able to put more powerful tanks in the first slot, and when you want to emphasize other attackers, whether sneak, opportunity, or archer attacks.

My Battle with Chaos Knight


Special Conditions:

My Strategy:
I was working a Sneak Quest, and mostly just wanted a few chances to weaken the backline of my opponent before my tank collapsed. I hoped my opponent would focus on a front line attack, but added some health just in case, and a Magic attacker as well as a little defense on my flank - all in the interests of hoping my Sneak attacking Stitch Leech would really be able to start picking my opponent off from the middle out.

Opponent Lineup:
My opponent went with some heavy strike Water beasts. Diemonshark and Deeplurker, as well as a healer and a pesky Magic attacker.

You can see how we squared off below. Sorry about the distortion in some of the details, the most recent browser update has totally messed with the loading of several sites. You can see I would hope to get in up to 4 attacks per round, and with their configuration, would not lose attackers too soon to their Deeplurker.


As the battle progressed, the Deeplurker picked off a couple of my weaker cards quickly, but I was able to clear out their backline.


Assessment of the Chaos Knight

I think Chaos Knight was instrumental in this win. In fact, she stayed in place through the whole battle against a more powerful foe because of the Shield ability. Especially against a tank with Trample, it would have been disaster to lost my own tank. Filling the backline with more expendable cards helped my sneak and magic attackers stick around long enough to win.

My Recommendations and Future Use

Use at will! This card is a great value and can fit several strategies. In high Mana battles, she might protect your flank, and in low Mana battles she allows you to fill up your ranks with low Mana attackers and defenders.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

You can see the battle here:


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