Luke Is Alive Day 65 with Patrick Simpson


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My 65th Luke Is Alive Video/Post

Hello I hope your Monday is going great!!
Here is my Luke is alive video for day 65....
I am so glad that ya all seem to like my Luke Is Alive videos!!

Today we started the hunt for Luke the List Builder at Taxi Cab Hits

We found Luke At Taxi Cab Hits.

Thanks To These Sites For Hosting Today's Hunt:

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I would Like to thank all the site owners for hosting this event each day!!
With out them we would not be able to earn so easily for promoting our
lead capture pages so we can build our list and brand ourselves!!
I hope you use this event everyday to start building your
token balances here on CTP and Hive. It's an extremely easy way to earn and get known.
This event gives you content everyday until you can actually create valuable content
Allowing people to get used to seeing you, and getting to know you if you are also engaging!!

I hope that your using Traffic Exchanges to brand yourself while building your list,
I see alot of ads with out any personal branding or a lead capture form.
I believe in building my downlines with in programs, because it helps you build your traffic network!
But I have come to believe that it is best to build your list 1st then use it to build your downlines.
Build your list and have fun making new connections while you earn
everyday... just hunt for Luke with me!!
Peace and Love To Yas!!

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Anyways, As Always Peace and Love To Yas!!

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Big congrats on completing the Scavenger Hunt Patrick, keep up your great work.

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how are you dear friend @ psimpson67 good night how good it is to hear from you. You're doing a great job. congratulations stay safe and take care dear friend


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