Coinpayments Restricts Users Ability To Pay


CoinPayments Has A Really High Minimum Withdraw!

I recently started to use Coinpayments again because of affiliating marketing. The problem is that their minimum withdraw is 0.00080000 BTC (roughly $38-39 at the current market price)!!

Coinpayments Screen Shot
Screen Shot Of Coinpayments

Transaction Fees Are High Too!

This means that 0.00068455 BTC (roughly $32-33 currently) I have there can not be used to buy advertising or upgrades. But most important to me is that I can't use it to invest in hive because unlike coinbase, coinpayments wants close to $60 on top of my 0.00068455 BTC!!

Is Anyone Getting Paid Using Coinpayments?

So this got me to thinking, are any site owners or business owners able to actually generate any sales if the payment processor they are using is coinpayments?

I have seen several great advertising deals in Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers, but I can't pay them thru this payment processor because of the high minimum withdraw and high fees.

I mean whom is going to pay close to $60 to purchase a $2.50 ad package or a lifetime upgrade that is supposed only cost $97?

What about sending it to Hive-Engine so you can invest in a token or 2? I myself just do not see how any site owners are able to generate any sales and still earn a profit using this company for processing their payments...Do You?

Once Again Affiliate Martketers Are getting Hosed

Let's Talk a brief little bit of history for a second.

About 7-8 years ago PayPal started to restrict and ban business owners from using them to process payments for their products and services as well as the ability to payout commissions. They were doing this in most cases with out warning or even giving reasons. This led to many owners having to go out of business.

Along comes Coin payments and that seemed to give owners another way to process payments and stay in business. Everyone was all about using them too!

I was one of them that signed up right away and was using them at the start. I had quit doing anything online in 2018 for personal reasons. I recently decided to start marketing online again. As I told you in my post "The Hive Guide My 1st Review" ,I found a very cool way to generate income for virtually everything I do to promote my business and brand my business. I also want to invest as much as I can in the Hive community, why wouldn't I? After 32 days of activity there I have tripled my 1st $30 investment into Hive!

I too am a owner of Traffic Exchange and Mailer scripts, as well as a downline builder script from LFMTE,LFMVM ,LFM. I was going to use coin payments as my processor....but I think now NOT!! It's sad really cause once again affiliate marketing is getting hosed by a company that was built on their backs!!

So I have decided that I will be using Hive Pay and If I can get set up with them Fire Pay for all my payments.

I will be reviewing Hive Pay very soon so You will know your answer as to why I am choosing Hive pay.

So tell me what your thoughts are on Coin payments as a processor! Are you an owner or investor or both?

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Peace and Love To Yas!!

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Jon speaks quite a bit about Hive Pay, so I hope it will work out well for you.