I Am Alive Challenge Day 7


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I Am Alive Challenge Day 7/

with Patrick Simpson

Hello everyone,
It's day 7 of my involvement with the #iamalivechallenge and #hiveisalive. I hope veryone had a wonderful Sunday, and weekend in gernal
I was able to send out some more e-mails, and surf the traffic exchanges.
I also set up 7 LCP's for sites owned by Marci Jones-Fritz. She is a long time site owner that I trust.
I am upgraded at all of her sites except 2, so It only makes sense to promote her sites and leverage them to build my list.
It's a win/win, If I refer someone and they are active I win and they win
because they will have effective results from using her traffic site..and I don't have to spend as much time generating credits to advertise.
If they decide to upgraade I earn a commision too!!

My Earnings totals so far:

As of today before this post my earnings are
Hive= 9.497
Hive Power= 213.530
CTP Tokens= 214.76
Engage= 115

I Am Finishing up Instagram Guides For Begginers

I am going to finish up studing the e-book I told you about yesterday, tonight.

So staring tomorrow I will be using Instagram for my business and branding etc....

My goals for this upcoming week are to start posting on my Bi-Polar Marketing site(it's tied into the steem blockchain)
so I will be posting there and on steem again.
PG Simpson's Reviews will be posted here on the Hive Blockchain. I want to use it to review products we all use as marketers
Products like Video Pal, Video Builder,Chatter Pal, Scribble,Instant Video Pages,Octane, Laughing Bird (it's an graphics program geared towards marketing) ans so on
I want start marketing products and services that I trust and use and have tested. I mean if I use them myself and they are worth paying for, I want to be the one earning the commission.
But if they are not worth investing in I want to be the one that lets you know that the sales pitch is bs!!

Marci Jones-Fritz Marketing Has a LCP Funnel Already For You
You Just Need To Set It Up! The OTO IS OFF THE HOOK!!

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Here is where you need to go to get tons of PLR for free, plus new members get tons of free advertising!

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Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Hive Blockchain?

These 2 programs have helped me get a great start here on this platform!

The Hive Guide

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I Am ALive Challenge Guide

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Join Me Here When You Have Time And Get Free BitCoin

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Until Tomorrow, Keep Showing Up With Me And Scream Your Alive!!

Peace and Love To Yas!!

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