Final LEGENDARY WEAPON NFT Name decided - and WINNER


Our AVAX exclusive Legendary NFT has a name, thanks to you all. The contest was long and grindy, we had plenty of great names chosen to work with, we gave you all a chance to vote, and the results are in!

The LEGENDARY WEAPON will be based on this art:

And the Crowd has spoken!


@soyuntito is the Grand Prize winner here of TWO of these LEGENDARY WEAPON NFTs, plus some other prizes as stated in the original post:


Congratulations @soyuntito your Hive SBI units have already been sent, and you can look forward to your other prizes as soon as they become available!

We also have a random number to pick:


The 26th comment on the post was made by..... @irisworld!


Which means, according to the rules on the vote post, that there will be celebration over the winning of the Rusty Nails card! In your wallet soon!

Thank you all for participating in this contest, the team at psyberX continues to work hard to produce and we are getting closer than ever to the closed beta. Exciting gameplay videos are coming out now, so be sure to join Discord and figure out how to get into the Founder's channel to get the information and updates as fast as possible.

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We must share a bit about Psyber-X a first person shooter (fps #fps #firstpersonshooter) and it is play to earn (p2e #p2e #playtoearn) with NFTs (#nft) blockchain gaming (#blockchaingaming) on the Hive (#hive) blockchain (#blockchain) and recently cross chain bridged (#crosschainbridge) to Avalanche (#avax #avalanche)


WOHOOOOOOO Awesome!!!! Pink Death!!! Im proud of having a tiny part on this project!!!