Ask Leo: How should I react during the bear season


Even if you are new here, I want to believe that by now you would have understand what the bear season means, sorry my bad, it is also vital that I make it clear to you that it is not all about the bear season alone. The crypto world is of two seasons, the bear and the bull season, they are short form of the word bearish and bullish respectively , one thing am very sure of is that most investor's don't fancy the bear season, not even me self, but on the other hand their are things will need to understand about it too.

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The bullish season seem to be what everyone want, but in life their are good and bad time, it feels good to be here and witnessing all that is happening now and trust me this keeps on giving me the edge to keep on focusing on my goals in the community. A quick look at the two types of Cryptocurrency season.

The Bullish

Just like I said above, the bullish season is definitely what all investor's want always, especially for every individual who understand the sweetness that comes with making profits in business. The Bullish season is the period where by all the crypto coins rise up in price and value, giving the investor's to sell at a very high price.

To every invertors they see this period as their cash out period with the level of smile that grace the faces of some of them too, the Bullish season is definitely all what crypto investor's care about, it is very important that you also know that investor's don't do more of buying during this season, cause no one will definitely want to buy at a very high rate at all, so Just like I said earlier, more of selling occurs during this period cause of the level of profits that comes in.

The Bearish

Unlike the Bullish season, this is the most talked about season anywhere, anytime , ask @leo and I strongly believed that he will testify that thousands of contents as been written as regards this season unlike how people do when it is bullish , one way or the other I agree with authors writing so well during this season, cause it is very important and vital that thing's are well in place during this period.

Bearish --this is the period where there is reduction in price and value of coins in the crypto market, it is also referred to as the dip period, cause at times lot of things like losing of funds and even letting go of tokens due to panic occur during this period on most occasion.

It is very important that new Investor's are Make to know that investing in Cryptocurrency is not all about making quick money or getting rich overnight night, with an honest mind, you can invest now and loss now, that is Crypto for you, but it is very important that you know what you are in for before going into it too.

For the past few months now it as been up and down when it comes to coins value, and massive dip as hit the crypto market, which as indeed brings in reduction in prices of all the token, with BTC , Ethereum and even Hive fighting to survive recently, honestly it is not a good time for every investor's right now as even buying self is not looking so good in this current dip period now.

But on the other hand, it is very important that we all have our own structure as to what to do during the bear season, understand that the bear season might be one season that investor's don't like, but their are some advantages that comes with it too.

You buy at low price

I know no One knows when the price will go up during Bear season, but I strongly believe that it will definitely go up again irrespective of how bad it might look at times, so thr bear season comes with an opportunity for you to buy at a lesser price, if their is anytime you want to build your wallet in the crypto world, then it is definitely the bear season.

Also be well certain that whatever fund you are using during this period is definitely what you can afford to part with too, cause buying the Dip at times might be also tricky as the dip can go dipper at that process.

This might not be a financial advise at this moment, but I will strongly say, their are two things I will say it is important that you look to during this period or should I say you should avoid so as not to end up on the losing side during every dip period.

Don't panic buy

Yes I know the bear season comes with the feeling of adding more to your wallet and I know you will definitely want to do that as an Investor's with great strategy, I know you are saying yes now, but this might go wrong too if care is not taken, the fact that a coin is having a bad time at a moment doesn't mean it will Comes back to life soon, so before buying any token during the bear market make a research about it and understand the Market strength of that token before investing on it, honestly it is very important that you always make enough research during both season before taking any steps.

Don't sell under pressure

I can still over looked the above if you make that mistake of buying with panic mate, but selling under pressure is definitely one thing you shouldn't involved in at all , irrespective of how bad the market price might be at any point in time , selling off due to pressure or Market prediction that it will keep on dipping is not advisable on most occasion. People who understand what it takes to hold on during the season tend to enjoy more later on.

For no reason should you sell off cause of the dip facing the coin you are holding, recently now almost all the tokens are not having a good time at all, but holding is vital and important, that is one true attributes of an Investor's too. Don't forget that making your own research and having your own facts is very important at every of your decision making whenever it comes to the crypto market also. On most occasion your end results during each season are products of your decisions or research's.

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