Their are so many things I will love to talk about recently, especially since am definitely working on my level of consistency in the community and maybe talking about things that have passed through in the community also will definitely help in enhancing my progress and development too. Vividly I remember I was once charged for plagiarism and honestly I got caught in that act due to the fact that I was a novice and don't seems to know anything or much about the community as at that time, I wasn't even on Leofinance community at all, it was during my days on proofofbrain community. It wasn't a good experience at all, as it took me lot of months before I get myself back on track.

Plagiarism might look sweet coming from the point at which you are seeing it, I will be honestly with you that it is definitely a one time bomb 💣 that will hinder your growth in the community , forget about how sweet it might be when you are not caught yet, but once you are caught it is definitely going to be something you will regret doing in the community.

Putting this together is to definitely be of help, especially to individuals who don't know more about the community or better still ,let me say to those who are just joining the community via the Leofinance discord community ,most individuals might not have who to Informed them about this things, most especially what the community fumes against, but I honestly think and hope this guide will definitely be of help in solving issues relating to plagiarism in the community.

Take it or leave , just as stealing is an act of taking what does not belong to you, so is plagiarism too and that is why it is an act that deem fit for punishment in the community, ask @leo and is team you will get to know that those who do so don't go un-dealt with in the community as that is seeing as a method of taking another man's rewards.

The Leofinance community is a well standard community where rewards are given to user's or content creators for their good work, that is why it is very important that you understand the importance of coming out with good content that is your own too, am an advocate of this saying, irrespective of how bad your content might be in as much it is your understanding that brought it down, it is better than stealing another's man's work.

Plagiarism goes thus:

Much as been said about it , but it is very important that I define this in my understanding so as it make it clear to you. It is an act of copying another user's content and posting as yours with a mindset of getting rewards for it, imagine copying this content and reposting on your blog( instead all you have to do is to rebloged) leaving you with no effort at all, whereas I did all to make sure this write up becomes a reality, that is plagiarism, cause the moment you take another man's work with an expectation of receiving credit for a Job done by another man is definitely wrong.

What is term as plagiarism

(1). copy and pasting of another user's full content

(2). Restructuring of another user's article in your own way

(3). Not adding picture source to contents writing by you in which picture used are not yours

(4). Topic's related to another user's topic

It is very important that you understand that their are other ways at which you can be at your best in the community rather than taking another man's work as yours, one of the best way to be safe from plagiarism is to :


One thing about Leofinance community is that it is definitely a place of learning, I know you might have issue talking about Bitcoin and other coins, especially when you don't even know much about it , but writing about things you have done financially might definitely be a way forward and that will definitely help. How long your content is should not bother you, but expressing yourself the way you can is definitely a way forward for you and thanks to #Threads too, that is also another means of making writing easy and putting an end to plagiarism too. So all I will say is go ahead and write without looking at how it will turn out.

Thanks for reading and you can thank me later

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