The #Club1BCH Fantasy Football final clash - Italy v England

The show must go on! We had two contested semifinals and both required extra time after the 90 minutes. England won with a goal scored in the first half of added time while Italy qualified in the final after a dramatic penalty shoutout against Spain.



Belgium v Italy 1-2

Switzerland v Spain 1-1 (1-3 after penalties)

Ukraine v England 0-4

Czech Republic v Denmark 1-2


Italy v Spain : 1-1 / 4-2 after penalty shoutout

England v Denmark : 1-1 / 2-1 after extra time


Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrick Schick are the current top goal scorers with 5 goals, followed by Benzema and Forsberg, Lukaku and Kane with 4 goals. From the above players, only Harry Kane can challenge Ronaldo and Schick. The needs to score at least once to become a joint top scorer or twice to be the only winner.


#Club1BCH Football Fantasy League

@Damolexy08 team selection for the last 4 rounds was absolutely amazing. He is 22 points clear from @Panky and is 99.99% the winner. @HappyBoy is now 3rd, followed by my team, Cruyff, @Mr_Trenzs and @bmjc98 . With real chances to win a small prize are Katie @Carabageac94 @Gaftek and Swanny Puck.


There are still players with prize chances in the lower half of the leaderboard. Either of @Crypto_Politics @Macronald @H3ruvim78 or @MoreGainStrategies can reach the top 10 if their final selection will grab good points.

Thank you @Telesfor @Crackers @TheCryptoGambler @TheTipster @jiroshin @Mylynne @Justin and @Zeshan3333 for the participation.


@Damolexy08  selection was the best team of the round, with 40 points. Most of the managers had similar teams but the difference was made by Damsgaard and the 8 points he received for his outstanding performance


The Prize Pool and prizes update

The price distribution rule was set as it follows:

  • The 1st place and the winner of the competition will be rewarded with 40% of the reward pool. The 2nd place will receive 30% of the prize pool, while the 3rd place will receive 15% from the amount of BCH that this post will earn.

  • The 4th and 5th players in the leaderboard will receive 5% each, dropping to 3% of the pool to the player whom will finish 6th. The participant who will finish 7th will receive the last slice, the remaining 2% of the reward pool!

  • The 8th and 9th place will receive a prize pegged to half of the 7th place prize which I will tip as an extra reward.

  • NEW!!! 10th place will receive a prize pegged to half of the 8th place prize which I will tip as an extra reward.

The prize pool is made from all the tips (including the Random Rewarder) from the below articles and the total tips that will be received on this post. On top of the tips, I will constantly round-up the amount to a round dollar.

#Club1BCH Euro 2020 Football Fantasy Competition! - currently $17.55

#Club1BCH Euro 2020 Football Fantasy Competition - Update! - currently 12.70

The prize pool top contributors are @Panky with $6.75 and  @Carabageac94 with $5. The total amount sharable to the participants, including the round up is $37 worth of BCH.

1st place = $14.80 worth of BCH

2nd place = $11.10 worth of BCH

3rd place = $5.55 worth of BCH

4th and 5th place = $1.85 worth of BCH

6th place = $1.11 worth of BCH

7th place = $0.74 worth of BCH

8th and 9th place = $0.37 worth of BCH

NEW!!! 10th place = $0.19 worth of BCH


NEW: Extra competition - Prize pool $5 worth of BCH

Predict the correct score of the final to win the prize. Write you prediction in the comments section, including the minute of the 1st goal and tag at least one friend.

If only one participant will guess the correct score, than he/she will win the whole prize. If more than one player will predict the correct score than the one with the closest minute prediction for the first goal will be the main winner and grab half of the prize pool. The other player/players will equaly share the remaining $2.50

If no participant will predict the correct score, then the prize will be added to the Fantasy League prize pool.

Please enter you prediction like this: taly v England 1-2, first goal 14th minute! @Carabageac94join this game!


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I tried this football fantasy the last time you sent to this tribe but i dont know if you actually got mine fantasy as well. I will try again.

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