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Some people would say that you'll never have a full insight about an issue until you experience it yourself... But then, I'll always take home with me the fact that some mistakes and life situations can be prevented when knowledge is adequate and available. I mean... if everyone were to go through life experience, fail and learn through the process, it will take a long time to make progress.

Self-esteem is the confidence and boldness an individual has on his capacity and value. It could also be how an individual perceives his ability.

I want to point out the fact that an individual with a low self-esteem might not be open to growth.
I had a friend who was given an opportunity to serve in a capacity. In that organization, though experience is pertinent, individuals in service are expected to learn in the process by being curious and to also ask questions when necessary.
She was intimidated by people and decided to remain antisocial.
This attitude affected her work and she had no relationship in her working environment for a period of two years.

She eventually met with someone who observed that the attitude she was portraying was unhealthy, and decided to shake her off the falacy and her idea of what she thinks of people. She wasn't dull but, will not contribute an idea what so ever in a gathering for any reason. She thought that her idea wasn't good enough and cannot be compared to what others have to say and so, she'll prefer to remain silent.


1.Poor upbringing

  1. Child abuse
  2. Poor emotional support
  3. Poverty
  4. Illiteracy.

From a personal observation, introverts are mostly affected by poor self esteem, the melancholy temperament especially... Because they're always self criticizing.


  • See every challenge around you as an opportunity for growth.

  • Face your challenges. If you're always intimidated by people, make friends and learn socialization. It might not be fun because it's not your thing, but you'll overcome the phobia after the process.

  • Do not keep negative friends or hold unto anything that causes an emotional instability.

  • If it's in friendship where the person intimidating you is not giving you a reason to aim high and grow better, cut off from such relationship, it's not healthy.

  • Learn to always go for what you want. You never can, until you start.

  • You learn by learning. Give yourself the opportunity to learn and resist the idea of isolation.

  • Participate in experiential program to expose you more.

  • Do not reject an opportunity to reveal or offer what you have. Remember that if you don't give your asset, you'll not believe in your capacity and people will not trust your capacity similarly.

  • Fill your mind with positivity and confess same always.

  • Read inspiring and motivational books.