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Knowledge is always profitable and can never be a waste. Infact, if you happen to acquire a body of knowledge thrice or twice, it will emphasize on a fact and there is a possibility that what you didn't get right in the first lecture will be unveiled there after.



I'll be discussing the value and worth of singlehood.
SINGLEHOOD is the state in which an individual is single (unattached or unmarried). Or The period of time before marriage. It's general and it applies to a man and woman.

It's crucial to know that this period of time is very important in a person's life. Michael Todd once said that an individual that is engaged is still single. The reason was that, there is a possibility of having a breakup in the relationship.

Singlehood is a blessing. A time to explore and discover self, a time to love self, develop self and acquire the necessary knowledge to run the race of life.

When you have time to discover yourself, you'll eventually have a sight of the kind of life you want and how you desire to be treated. When you love yourself first, you'll be able to love another person that will eventually come into your life.
It is very wrong to think that you cannot accomplish your dreams without your spouse. They'll definitely support you, but hoping that a man with his own deficiencies is going to make you become sufficient in many times are the cause of a level of disappointment in life.

It's responsibility to acquire the knowledge of marriage, motherhood/fatherhood, career and the rest of the capacity you will eventually assume. If you acquire the necessary knowledge and your spouse does, the period of preparation as couples Will be limited because both of you will be bringing in the best.

Have you ever desired to do anything, possibly learning a skill? develop on anything? The right time is during the period of singlehood.
I'm not at the same time saying that it is impossible to pursue dreams and visions when you are married, but then, you'll have responsibilities that can possibly weigh you down.

If you are a woman, aim high and allow it sink into your subconsciousness that you are a helper, an asset and not a problem and as such, do not think that you should be unserious, hoping that someone will eventually take care of you in due course. Think of the benefits your spouse and children will enjoy if you are visionary as your husband. You will not only be successful, but you'll earn respect from your spouse and you'll also become a mirror to other ladies and your future kids respectively.


  • Discover who you are and where you are heading in life before you get married.

  • Ask yourself where will I be in five years? If you are able to answer that question, you have a visible plan and it can help you in making Marital choices.

Let me share a short story.
A business man got married to a graduate and as at then, she did not have a job. After four years of unemployment, she had a job opportunity in another city different from where they lived. The husband refused to approve to the job. The lady was a graduate whereas the husband wasn't, she could accept flexibility to environment but the husband can't because he was already rooted in his business in that particular locality. Currently she's a business woman because she decided to stay back for her marriage and growing kids.
That must have been really frustrating and I Know you're already shrugging your shoulder that no man can try that with you...😂
The truth is... It can happen to anyone who fails to envision the future and discuss vital things during courtship. It is in raising certain questions that you'll know whether or not you both have the same perspective to life.

  • Except you've never had dreams, but if you've ever had dreams and could not accomplish them, you will feel unaccomplished. Go for what you want now that you're still single. You have the luxury of time to learn, make mistakes and try again.

  • Singlehood is not a calamity. While you're still waiting for the right spouse, be prepared to be the right spouse.

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