Hi... I trust you're good. It's a good time to share thoughts, ideas and perceptions about a concept and I trust that as usual, you'll ride with me to the end of the write-up.
It's said that "preparations meets opportunity". The normal thing that occurs almost frequently is lack of preparation. We always want to start preparing when we are faced with the responsibility that demands such preparations.


Opportunities as it sounds comes unannounced and this can happen at any point in time. It only favours people who have invested into proper preparation.

My take is this... If you're passionate about anything, focus on personal development and ensure that you invest in personal growth. During personal development, preparations will perfect and improve the flaws in the your talent and skills such that anytime where opportunity and demand arises, favour would be the word, but then logical thinking, hardwork, dedication, determination and persistence paid off at the door of opportunity.

In conclusion, do not hope to prepare later, prepare now instead. Stop procrastinating, in every talent you have, develop it. If you are interested in a skill, enquire about it, and take the necessary steps to see to its actualization because if you continue in planning, you'll never actualize those dreams in years and the talent can remain dormant and inefficient.
Opportunities can come up anytime remember... do what you like doing at the best and put in efforts to ensure that you're the best at what you represent. You can't tell if opportunity will knock tomorrow...

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