POBphotocontest - Weather

This is a panoramic view of a very dark sky.

I was out on a walk when the sky got progressively darker. And it looked like it had started raining in the distance.

Singapore is a small island near the equator. Sometimes, the island might be covered in dark clouds, but a strong breeze can carry the clouds away before it rains – even with this kind of situation as in the picture. But it is folly to try to take a chance with this situation.

I told myself that I am going to get drench if I don’t turn back. The little umbrella I brought along with me is not much good in this kind of weather.

It was just as well I turned back from my walk. I had barely stepped inside the house, when the sky opened up. The rain was heavy, but brief. It was all over in an hour.

Rain in the tropics is usually passing showers except at the end of the year when it is the North-East Monsoon season. During this season, it can sometimes drizzle continuously for as long as a day, sometimes two.

It didn’t seem too bad when I started out.

As you can see, the sky further up was much darker.

#pobphotocontest is hosted by @friendlymoose. The theme for the contest this week is "Weather". If you want to take part in the contest, check out the rules of the contest 👉 HERE


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