Tears in the Sky


The sky is crying— downpouring on the earth with everything she has. But a few days back, she was wrapped in her favourite blue outfit with some stray white clouds at her feet. She was all alone out there, enjoying the gentle breeze with no moisture.

She was all alone.

That was the only weakness she had, being alone. Some naughty clouds were watching her every move from a distance— dark in figure and heavy with moisture. But they couldn’t enter this part of her realm as the wind was guarding the premises while she was basking in the sun, getting a tan— in the hope to become bluer. Instead, she got a brownish shade.

Alas, what has she done!

Who will look at her now? The birds aren’t flying anymore— not as close as they used to be. The wind is refusing to guard her space as she is blue no more. Oh god, what has she done!

She shouldn’t be out there too long. She should’ve invited more white clouds to add a thin layer of shade between her and the sun. Only then she could get a bluish tone— a dazzling blue with a multitude of shades.

What has she done!

The dark clouds were watching this all along. They were waiting for the wind to retreat, and abandon her out of despair.

Yes, the stage is set. The sky is off-guarded now— it’s now or never.

So, the dark clouds invite the lustful thunder. It’s been a while since the thunder has fulfilled his lust for her. He has been doing it with every opportunity from his birth— and for him, it never gets old.

The sky is shameless though— showing her topless back to everyone when the sun shines, pulling her blue outfit up above the thigh and allowing white clouds to touch, to feel— arousing temptation on others.

But no one dares to get close to her. She is too lusty to be satisfied at once. So far, the thunder has proved his strength to her. Perhaps, that’s why she doesn’t refrain from showing her cleavage to him whenever she is lustful, but she is too shy to speak it aloud.

So, instead of words, she sends a signal— opens her up from a distance when the sun is up and bright in a hope that those dark clouds, resting somewhere else will whisper to the thunder’s ear and he will come clapping— lightening here and there to highlight his erection; a message to the sky how strongly he can thrust.

Every time he approaches the sky, the clouds accompany him. They cheer him up and try to hide him from plain sight while the thunder feast on the succulent youth of the sky. But everyone knows about their affair, how they make out. Poor clouds, all of their effort goes in vain when they moan loud.

And when they have had enough, the fluid drips down the body, get mixed with the sweat and comes down to earth as rain. The thunder is exhausted, now he will rest for a while.

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The mighty thunder, he ejaculates a lot!