Splinterland's SPT token : not only for curation but for some cool NFT too.


SPT is not only for curation but for some cool NFT too.

The most basic usecase of any tribe token is for curation only and I rarely see any kind of financial transaction going through it. Actually most of the tribes has APR of >25% on the curation so I guess it does not incentivize to keep tokens idle for transaction but better to stake and earn curation APR.

But so high curation APR also required to get the demand of token to be increased greater then it's curation APR so that token can keep it's price, otherwise oversupply can just crash the price.

Splinterland's NFT purchased exclusively through SPT.


Above is image of the Splinterland's NFT that is limited to 10 in number and initially sold for 20K SPT each.
Currently secondary market have only 1 NFT listed that is whooping price of 1 million SPT (equivalent to 6000 USD).

Apart from this Splinterland's keep releasing time to time some limited edition NFT that also keep getting demand in market and not sure that release of these NFT if cause some spike in SPT price but despite of nice token amount in circulation SPT still holding it's value.(though airdrop point is another factor that incentivize you to keep SPT)

Can Splinterland's non playing NFT will be big?

Splinterland's is releasing these NFT in very much limited number like 100 (or in some case 250/500 too) , seeing the Splinterland's player base it is very small supply that they are releasing in market.

Some of the earlier NFT is now selling for 4x of their initial price in secondary market, so it means that there secondary market value exist and is much more then its original value.

Any game benefits for these NFT.

Currently there is no game benefits for buying these NFT. nor these NFT count towards airdrop and they have worth due to their artistic value, limited editions and part of history of Splinterland's evolution.

Interested in buying these NFT?

If you are interested in buying these NFT or just want to check out these NFT then you can find them at here.

Note for New players

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, DYOR. I am avid splinterland's player and own multiple digital assets in this game.


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