A historic beach walk filled with nostalgia

This time I wanna present all of you a different landscape. Of course, it's near water, how could it be different... 😆

They are mills built in granite and shale, with a circular plan and a conical shape, in order to make the best use of the available wind. Today these mills have lost their original function.

It's such a marvellous place with these wonderful windmills. Can you believe there are windmills in the dunes near the beach?
It's really mind-blowing because I've seen them in the mountains near rivers.



The image we retain of these beaches is not the clean white sand, nor the cold and capricious sea; it is that curious row of windmills installed at the top of the dunes to take advantage of the strong winds in the area. They milled maize during the last century, and now, recovered by the owners, they are excellent summer spots in a truly privileged place, either for the quietness or for the views over the long and narrow coast that stretches out of sight.


This is a town of history related to the sea. The seaweed, collected from June onwards until the end of the year, and dried in the sun, was used as organic fertilizer for the land.


Like the riverside mill, this type of mill used the same system to grind the cereals, the only difference being the driving force, that is, while in the river mills they were moved by the force of the water, the windmill is moved by the force of the wind. The wind moved a kind of small sails fixed on sticks that later moved the stone that crushed the cereal, inside the mill.

Nowadays, I think those that have better appearance have been transformed into vacation homes, maintaining, however, their exterior structure.



I couldn't find the "Sargasso" which how the seaweed is called here.


I hope it made your day a little better.
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