Perfectly imperfect as nature made us all

The human being makes such an effort to fit in that he forgets to be himself, and worse, sometimes he repudiates his own uniqueness.
Our particularities, qualities, personal tastes, predispositions are designed in detail by our divine conscience to allow us to experience phenomena from a unique point of view in our earthly life, and therefore, not only we should not compare ourselves to the other how we should make the most of what is part of us.
These differences do not make us better or worse than someone else, but they make us able to walk different paths with different points of view. If the idea were to be all the same, we would not be experiencing separate bodies life.

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All the standards and qualities that are praised as the best in our society are created by it, by the need to feed egos unbridled. In fact, there are no more important professions, hair or more acceptable bodies. All singularities are special and have the same importance. They all take us to different experiences, which add a lot to our collective conscience.

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So when you are sad that you are not so good at something like your colleague, remember the amount of things you do well (and do not devalue them thinking that "everyone does it", because you have a predisposition to be good them). When you feel sad that you don't have a thinner or fatter body, remember that that body allowed you to get where you are now and carries your soul from your birth-giving you everything you need to live and experience. When you are sad because you are different, you feel differently, you experience something different, remember that we are all that different. AND LOVE YOU! The beauty of life is in this, not only in the difference, but in the love, you have for yours.



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