Newbie shortcut to hive survival



I am a newbie who of course has no experience with blockchain, I had a hard time here, I have no room to move because blockchain hive only gives me 0.01 hive power which of course makes all newcomers difficult.

Almost 2 weeks I am on blockhain #hive, I am a housewife. I get to know hive from Mendia Social Facebook and from some of my other friends who helped me to register an account for me.

My account is only 11 days old and I only share 6 posts because I don't have enough SP to be active on the hive to post and reply to comments and visit the content of my other friends.

Today, March 27, 2021 I finally decided to change my HBD from the results of my 3rd post, which was $ 1.125HBD and 2,725 hives from the payment 7 days ago which I just claimed to make #hive power ...

I browsed through articles on hive power up and after I got the article about hive power ups, I immediately followed the steps there HBD which I will change to #hivepower after I read several articles, finally I immediately started the #power up process.

01irst stage I opened my wallet.

You can see there are only 2,203 of my hive power which I just claimed from my post payment a few days ago and I only have $ 1,125 HBD.

02.The second stage I opened the hive market.

I do not understand much about the market price and I immediately entered the amount of my HBD and I only got 2,725 hives which I will update for hives power.

03.Hold the third I immediately enter my password and inform the purchase process.

After that I immediately agreed to the purchase process.

04.The fourth stage after I confirm my purchase process returns to my wallet.

Some of my hives were visible there then I continued to change the hives to hive power and finally I had 4,929 hives power.

Thank you greetings @raimah. My current SP is only 4,929 if you want to give a little SP for the growth of my account, I am very grateful.