An afternoon routine of playing table tennis

Hello everyone, Monday has begun. Keep your health so that each activity benjalan smoothly. To fill the time in the afternoon that we do in addition to playing football is a game of table tennis. This habit is often done to fill in spare time while exercising for the right to keep the body's immunity and cool to play with your friends.

Table tennis we made the sports afternoon is already become a habit. Each and every evening if there is no activity then we will open the table and put his net to play. Usual we do her enough with 4 people or 2 people have been able to play this game. Another thing with the football must have a lot of players and need someone that much so if not sufficient then it is not able to start the game.

Table tennis has become a great alternative when your friends are playing is limited as there are only two people we've been able to play. A game that using the punch named bet table tennis. Bet table tennis is a tool that must be used by every player to hit the tennis ball, racquet like on the game badminton. The function of the bet and the racket is almost the same, but the other shape. If tennis is made from raw timber and rubber while the racket made of copper or iron made twine rope rackets that are arranged like a net to hit the shuttlecock.


The game of tennis balls are often found in every village and urban. Table tennis are his ordinary owned by a certain group of now it can be accessed by ordinary people as obtained from the village program for the conduct of activities in the afternoon. Usually there will also be a friendly match between villages. To test player of the village which became his champion. Table tennis became an interesting sport because we have to miss that little ball to pass above the net there.


Furthermore, for the calculation of his usual perbabak will be calculated points to 15. The player who first had 15 points it will be a win on that leg. The game of table tennis can be played into several types, there are single,there is also a double. If you play the sole means we have to strive actively to hit the ball so as not to mrmantul as much as twice the shirt section where we play. This means that every shirt we the reflection of the ball up to two times then automatically points will be obtained by your opponent's game.

This sport is fun and healthy, and also can add to the association community. The sport that started in are fond of young people and adults make every ages can play this. Because it is not a sport that is heavy and should have a strong physique. Old people can also come into play, and can participate to compete and feel the excitement of this game


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