My 100 Hive Investment Experiment | Delegate for Hive #0


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Hello Everyone !
Welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog. I finally start to split my investment by delegating 100 HP for each of 2 picked curator to earn some rewards. My first experiment would be trying to delegate to gain some hive. Let's see the details!

Why Investing on Hive Delegation

Before going to the main point, i want to share my thought on investing on hive delegation. There are some reason why i prefer to invest my money here :
1. Earn passive rewards. It's like anybody dream to earn money while sleeping, right ?
2. It's safe. Because undelegating take you 7 days and powering down will took 12 weeks, your money can't just taken away from you instantly .
3. Help the community. By delegating you hive power to a curator, you help another writer to gain more rewards because the curator's power will goes up.

My Choice of Curator

There are few curator uptions that could earn you hive as return, you can check it from this awesome post from @bhattg : . And from many options, i picked @bdvoter and @psyberx . My personal reason is because bdvoter is have a history giving curation for me and my fellow Indonesian Splinterlands player, so by doing this i would get passive income while helping our community get nice reward as well. For Psyberx, i prefer this curator because this would help game developer as well the fellow gamers. And eventough they only paid back 50% of the reward, they also have a curation program for it's delegator, so the income is not just the passive income that given everyday, but also the curation when we post on hive. See their newest update about delegation here :

What's Next ?

I will keep an update for you guys about my curation progress and will share my actual earn from it. I also had a plan to create another experiment on investing in hive in different way (Keep on update to get informed 😉)

Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, if you have an idea on investing in hive with great return, please tell me on comment section.

Notes: All this post is not a financial advice, just my experiment that i want to share. Please do your own research before investing into any investment instrument.
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~Thank You~