WOO Bookers License Is Available At Limited Discounted Price !


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Intro and Preview

Hello Everyone !
Welcome back to Ramadhanight's Blog.
I'm back to give information about the WOO Game, let's check it out !


The Game That Gonna Launch Soon and Land Upgrade is Live

Before we talk about the main topic, I want to inform you that the WOO game will officially launch for public within September, with the land upgrade is already live ! More information are posted on my previous blog here


And since the land upgrades started, more than 11.5 million $WOO has spent to upgrading,
let's spread the excitement !


The Bookers License


The dev said on the discord channel that Bookers License is like the Splinterlands Spellbook, so it's likely we can only activate all feature after purchase it. Maybe we can still trying the game without it, but won't get the rewards ? Well let's see when the game is launched !


The Limited Time Discount


If you are interested to play this game, just like me, well you better bought the license As soon as possible, because they are offering the license with 50% discount ! Instead of paying 10$, you can get it with just 5$ ! When the discount will end ? It will end when the game launch, which is likely within September, so we will only had around 9 days left at most ! But I won't bet to missed the discount and already bought them today 😃


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope this post will give you some usefull information about WOO Game and the bookers license. Are you ready for WOO game launch? please let me know by put it on comment section !

If you want to join, simply visit their website on link below or go into their hive blog here @wrestorgonline

Notes: All this post is not a financial advice, DYOR before decide to invest on anywhere

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