Unlocking the mind's potentials


''Logic will take you from A to B, Imaginations will take you everywhere''
Albert Einstein

The human mind is well known for its capacity to connect and relate well with its immediate and secondary environment, encoding and decoding information which becomes data and fact to the human.

"The Brain"

A _complex organ _which controls our everyday activities including seeping, walking, thinking, even during your sleep (the subconsciousness).



The brain has a capacity of 2.5 million gigabytes greater than that of any machine made in history.
The human brain is known for its ability to think and reason vastly even through different spans of life's worth.



The largest percent of brain capacity known to have been used is just 15% of the total brain capacity.
Imagine if we could harness the full potential and use up to 80%, the achievements we could get are just inexplicable.

A particular test was carried out in which humans where placed in a room filled with different shades of colors and they were asked to close their eyes for quite some seconds, think of a particular color (red) and then open their eyes and identify the color that they were asked to think of.
80% of them were able to identify these colors in less than a minute while the rest percentage could identify the colors and even mistook some other colors for the color red.
This particular survey proved that the human brain takes priority of things in which we hold in high esteem and presents it physically in pictures and facts.

Imagine the number of formulae and mathematical representation the human mind has harnessed so far.
You can see a student know and mastermind several formulae, identify them and apply them.
You can also see the number of words a human can learn to spell and pronounce and even make use of them to form sentences and use them in terms of communication.
You can even see the number of languages an individual is able to learn and speak fluently no matter his region and where he belongs.
The brain has proved to be able to hold more information, store these information and even process these information even within the shortest period of time

It has also been seen that humans can multitask through their day's activities in which you could see them accomplishing several set duties yet still attending to their personal needs and also holding information which are useful to them.
There are even proofs which shows that a human has the ability to store sense of smell and taste even with the ability to recollect these sense and taste that was stored in times to come.

It would be mind blowing if we can harness the full potentials of the brain, but mind you there are certainly several distractions and issues that could cause one to drop level in his intelligence.
Surveys have proved the following below:



This is a number one killer of the brain capacity. You will notice that whenever you are stressed you tend not to think appropriately, you tend not to communicate appropriately because the brain has been overworked.
The solution to this seemingly problem is self-management.
You need to know how to manage your activities and time in relation to your stress level.
Most people can handle stress at a larger extent compared to others, so you need to identify you stress level and work on it in order to avoid health breakdowns.

  • Depression


We are surely faced with issues of life whereby they tend to weigh us down and make us to lose our focus on the goals.
To avoid being depressed you need to find what you love doing and that's why HIVEBLOG is a place that supplies happy moments and feelings, also try to make good friends and talk to people about what you are going through even if its a professional.
Your mental health is a state of your total being.

  • Diet


We need to streamline our diets and watch out for things we take as what goes in affects what goes out.
Avoiding of foods that contain high level of sugar, Alcohol, Extra salt, Cholesterol, Nicotine as they kill the brain cells.
we can concentrate on Fruits, Vegetables, nuts, tumeric, and other diets that helps the brain.

  • Exercise


We need to carry out daily exercises both indoor and outdoor as it helps in building of muscles and also helps in creation of awareness of the environment we belong to.

Daily activities



  • Ignorance

We need to try to improve out intelligence rate by studying and reading of new materials.
The web is there so reading materials has become so easy and simple to access.
there are articles and sites that could help you read on ways to improve your mental state and societal awareness and help improve your brain capacity.
You can also buy books from local stores, watch the documentary, follow trends about your daily lives as this will help in your daily choices.

We need to be conscious of our daily activities as this can affect the brain capacity.
Mind the kind of things you watch, the kind of things you listen to, make sure you increase your reading time, do researches, join book clubs, attend classes and all sought.

We need to be aware of these points and know how to manage our daily lives.
As it is well known that health is wealth... we need to be conscious and help our health grow in a massive way that it affects the state of our mind positively.

The cars we drive, the planes we fly, the phones we use, the bridges we build, the gadgets we invent, the technologies we adapt, the roads and houses we build are all as a product of the thinking capacity of the brain and all these inventions are just fragments of what the human mind can achieve.
We can achieve greater points, make better inventions, have a peaceful environment, bring about world peace.


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