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CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Author reward: 0.104 CTP for razackpulo.sport/i-staked-850-000-sports-token-today
Author reward: 0.909 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-won-over-aston-vi
Author reward: 0.882 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-beat-ac-milan-2-2
Author reward: 0.927 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-won-the-derby-and-they-beat-wolv
Author reward: 1.842 CTP for razackpulo.sport/everton-vs-liverpool-another-big-match-in-the-mid
Author reward: 1.471 CTP for razackpulo.sport/super-liverpool-they-hammered-southampton-4-0
Author reward: 4.009 CTP for razackpulo.sport/big-match-liverpool-vs-man-city
Author reward: 4.947 CTP for razackpulo.sport/kaya-raya-menjadi-pemain-sepakbola-profesional
Author reward: 1.424 CTP for razackpulo.sport/if-you-re-unable-to-login-you-can-use-sportstalk-social
Author reward: 6.87 CTP for razackpulo.sport/naby-keita-mulai-on-fire
Author reward: 6.389 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-hammered-crystal-palace-3-0
Author reward: 8.024 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-kalahkan-milan-or-liverpool-won-over-milan
Author reward: 5.735 CTP for razackpulo.sport/sungguh-prihatin-barca-kalah-telak-di-cam-nou
Author reward: 10.272 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-vs-ac-milan-the-road-to-win-champions-league
Author reward: 6.119 CTP for razackpulo.sport/cristiano-ronaldo-the-brace-on-second-debut-at-old-trafford
Author reward: 6.987 CTP for razackpulo.sport/it-s-good-time-to-collect-more-fan-tokens
Author reward: 6.445 CTP for razackpulo.sport/jack-grealish-is-superb
Author reward: 9.902 CTP for razackpulo.sport/liverpool-vs-chelsea-red-card-and-penalty-kick
Author reward: 6.687 CTP for razackpulo.sport/a-big-match-in-the-weekend-liverpool-vs-chelsea
Author reward: 4.653 CTP for razackpulo.sport/it-s-gbp40-million-bid-for-sarr
Author reward: 6.327 CTP for razackpulo.sport/the-reds-hammered-norwich-3-0
Author reward: 7.499 CTP for razackpulo.sport/fans-are-going-back-in-stadium
Author reward: 10.322 CTP for razackpulo.sport/excellent-touch-by-minamino
Author reward: 5.811 CTP for razackpulo.sport/friendly-match-liverpool-draw-1-1-with-athletic-bilbao
Author reward: 3.797 CTP for razackpulo.sport/a-family-garden-in-a-football-academy
Author reward: 4.932 CTP for razackpulo.sport/indonesia-s-first-ever-badminton-women-s-doubles-olympic-gold
Author reward: 4.305 CTP for razackpulo.sport/van-dijk-comeback-liverpool-lost-to-hertha-bsc
Author reward: 3.135 CTP for razackpulo.sport/a-silver-medal-in-weightlifting
Author reward: 9.736 CTP for razackpulo.sport/united-by-emotion-in-tokyo
Author reward: 3.303 CTP for razackpulo.sport/more-sports-token-whales-are-coming
Author reward: 8.235 CTP for razackpulo.sport/man-city-are-interested-to-sign-harry-kane
Author reward: 12.341 CTP for razackpulo.sport/ibrahima-konate-new-centre-back-of-liverpool
Author reward: 7.409 CTP for razackpulo.sport/excited-to-see-virgil-van-vijk-returned-training-again
Author reward: 5.024 CTP for razackpulo.sport/mancini-what-a-coach
Author reward: 15.813 CTP for razackpulo.sport/since-none-won-the-prediction-contest-100-000-sports-prize-is-divided-for-all-entries-as-a-giveaway
Author reward: 3.906 CTP for razackpulo.sport/contest-final-score-prediction-of-euro-2020-with-total-prize-100-000-sports
Author reward: 5.949 CTP for razackpulo.sport/who-will-win-euro-2020-final
Author reward: 15.205 CTP for razackpulo.sport/will-england-finish-euro2000-without-conceding-even-once
Author reward: 5.515 CTP for razackpulo.sport/england-are-strong-favorites-to-win-over-ukraine-tonight
Author reward: 19.785 CTP for razackpulo.sport/all-teams-of-the-death-group-are-dead-now
Author reward: 4.466 CTP for razackpulo.sport/a-fan-caused-horror-crash-at-tour-de-france
Author reward: 9.426 CTP for razackpulo.sport/france-and-portugal-to-play-in-the-next-round
Author reward: 9.09 CTP for razackpulo.sport/cristiano-ronaldo-all-time-euro-top-scorer
Author reward: 12.488 CTP for razackpulo.sport/footballstars-usdfts-the-gate-for-football-fans-to-buy-nft-of-their-idols
Author reward: 7.918 CTP for razackpulo.sport/italy-is-just-too-superior
Author reward: 5.166 CTP for razackpulo.sport/the-long-road-to-recovery
Author reward: 4.94 CTP for razackpulo.sport/the-new-contract-for-a-worthy-goalkeeper
Author reward: 4.14 CTP for razackpulo.sport/oxford-united-one-of-the-best-league-one-team
Author reward: 7.85 CTP for razackpulo.sport/man-city-or-chelsea
Author reward: 3.369 CTP for razackpulo.sport/usdarg-the-token-for-argentinean-football-fans
Transferred 38.514 CTP to razack-pulo
Transferred 19.12 CTP to razack-pulo
Transferred 13.796 CTP to razack-pulo
Transferred 7.05 CTP to razack-pulo
Transferred 21.629 CTP to razack-pulo
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Transferred 56.951 CTP to razack-pulo
Transferred 59.314 CTP to razack-pulo Power up
Transferred 27.022 CTP to razack-pulo
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