The Slow Adoption to new Technology

Technology is arguably the only way forward and its potential is yet to be unlocked. So many are working towards achieving different heights in the technological sector to improve our daily lives, but there is more to technology than just creating it.
A technology becomes useless if it is not accepted by the majority in a society and that is a huge problem facing the world today.

It is surprising how fast new technological equipments and resources are created but what surprised me the most is how slow it is adopted , infact some are never adopted because of religious believe, foolish influencers and sometimes because of crises.

During the Corona virus crisis period ,5G technology was introduced to the masses in many countries but was immediately tagged as one of the causes of cancer while others said it is a satanic technology and was created to lead the world astray so people started protesting against it to be taken down,burning down different 5G updated masts just to get rid of the technology; It even came to a point where the government of a country(Nigeria) blamed 5G tech for the mysterious death of some more than thirty individuals .

Use of Television is also an innovation that took time to adopt for some countries many because of religious reasons like the believe that television was created so Satan could communicate directly and deceive people into doing his bidding and others believed it was a means to distract people from what really matters by keeping them focused on watching televisions.

Another technology that took a long time to adopt is the use of telephones/button phones which was deemed demonic because people would go as far as using their loved ones for rituals to gain the amount of money needed to purchase the tech ; some believed it was a means used by the Government to spy on its people.

  At the end most of these technology are accepted and craved for by those who ounce despised it like the use of telephones /land phones which is  now a normal thing, television which is now used by almost every family in the world and adoption of 5G technology in most countries .

     NEW technology can  take some time before adoption but from the cases above it will be eventually be adopted by the masses after .

LESSON… Don't be too quick to criticize new innovation and blame them for your different problems because I myself was against the use of 5G technology but after learning the importance I have come to understand why these innovations are needed .