Between revenge and sincerity

Hello hivers friends, I want to tell you things that are beyond my understanding and I can't find the answer. okay let's be quiet and read in our hearts, dear, what if we were created as opposites of our gender, for example I am a woman and I think if God made me a man, should my current character be carried over to me who becomes a man -man? I really don't think about changing through man-made I just think if I were a man. Suppose I were a man I would be a man who wouldn't hurt my woman, I was very disappointed in some men I've been in love with, they were very good at first but in the end he betrayed me. why men are not enough with 1 woman. why men love to spread promises and promises. I was so hard to understand I almost gave up. how men should I trust. At least I never thought about not getting married, but in my area, marriage is very high. I'm tired of how I have to deal with men. I once trusted 100% but I ended up being disappointed. Why does God present such a deep disappointment? but I'm also grateful that I'm finally free from a toxic relationship.



I have tried to heal many times and I am calm in living my life now, I have sincerely been hurt by him, maybe I often express disappointment here, but it is only here that I can be relieved to tell you that I do not want other people to know about the burden I carry. why am I very comfortable telling stories through writing and can be read by those of you who maybe I don't know myself, now that's the key I don't care if you judge me. but I just want to be relieved because that's my goal.


Regardless of my problem, last night I was invited by my friend to the pet shop where he works and I saw a very bright and beautiful moon. I immediately took a picture, and I accidentally photographed a person at work carrying cat food. so I'm not very good at taking pictures. Enough with what I write, I hope you can take positive things, thank you all for your time. see you


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