Gifts for friends far away from the island

Hello, hivers friends, back with me @realitavshaluan I really miss you guys who are reading this simple article of mine. I hope you are always healthy, dear. I want to capture the moment with my pen pals who are outside Java. I have known him for a long time through Twitter. but my Twitter has changed several times and we only exchange news via watshaapp. from she was a girl until she got married until she had 1 daughter who was named khawla. He and I often talk about personal problems and I am very happy because I have him who is very kind and willing to listen and provide solutions to each other when we have problems. I am grateful for this very precious gift of God.

My best friend's name is monika, she's already married and I'm very happy because she got a man who sincerely loves her. I was outside and bought gas and bought a gallon he suddenly sent a WhatsApp message, when he sent a message I was sure he wanted to vent and finally I told him when I was back at home I would reply and he also said yes.



She is a new mother who has to take care of children and her husband sometimes complains because he is tired. but indeed the consequences of being a mother are like that. Then I thought I was very unprepared when I had to live life someday with my partner. but in reality all must be lived. this time he told me that his pregnant sister was taking medicine to the hospital and my best friend's mother told my best friend to accompany her. because he is tired of housework as an ordinary human being he has an inexplicable tiredness and only himself can understand. I try to understand and encourage and offer spicy food, namely Basreng aka fried meatballs like in the photo. and then I sent it to his house via the shopee application.

I am very happy to be able to make other people happy even though I have to be frugal for myself but I am not stingy with other people. I will live on such a foundation. I hope whatever I do I am sincere and inner and I feel happy. okay that's all and thank you dear for reading my simple story about a friend who is far away and has never met this. see you in the next post.


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