Helping Friends

At first I didn't know how my friend got into debt, starting from paying for college he didn't tell his family honestly. he was trying to find a loan himself at that time I also wanted to pay it myself but I was honest with my parents. he said that he wanted to borrow my ktp to make an online loan. liquid in a short time. At first I didn't want to but I felt sorry for him because tomorrow is another online loan payment due tomorrow. It is with a heavy heart that I help him. I hope he remains responsible and always trustworthy in the name of my account. Honestly I'm afraid but he will be the one to take responsibility.
In fact, the ktp is a resident's card which is very important here for the identity of a citizen. but how else he really needed. I really don't have the heart but I'm afraid if he can't pay it off. will I get the doubts of the heart and believe. but I have to keep praying that he'll be on time to pay it off before it's due.


There are lots of online loan applications in Indonesia. and one that my friend uses is easycash. I actually really don't understand but from him I understand. But the amount borrowed with the money received is not the same. because it has to pay admin and have to pay interest too. as much as possible I will not use online loan services because it is not in accordance with the rules of borrowing according to religion. a lot of people were interested and I got a case on the news, namely the case of a woman in a white robe who went to people's houses to ask for money because she was in debt online loans of up to hundreds of millions. I'm very afraid of it, why up to hundreds of millions because the woman can't pay according to the specified due date. so it becomes very much in debt because more and more interest is generated.

Okay, that's enough, dear. I hope my charity in helping my friend becomes my reward field. I really can't stand people who are in trouble even though in the end I will be miserable. but I hope he will be held accountable to the end. It's been a while, dear, I hope you don't have a financial shortage so you can help other people who are struggling to find their sustenance.


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