I just want myself

In circling the earth I can only try and pray that one day I will become a more mature human being, indeed age cannot determine maturity, because maturity is a gift. I was still an unstable child when faced with problems. I use intuition and I only use logic and thought to determine what is best for myself in the future.

Why can't a small child walk right away because life is a process. It's the same as when you're an adult, don't you get old right away? Yes, indeed, because we are forged as adults to prepare to live life in old age. what kind of old age do you crave? i will be silent if others talk, i will be wise and put aside ego and other unimportant things. I will become a non-irritating old man by being able to accept all opinions without exception. I am me and I like myself. I am waiting for that time to come true someday. Why do people play around in their youth? because indeed when they are old they are just looking for peace. but when the second puberty in old age is a very annoying thing. The news quoted in various TV stations is sufficient to describe old age nor does it guarantee a healthy and sane mind. there are behaviors and actions that are not exemplary by the younger generation.



This discussion is really random, yesterday when my friend finished buying a book and I borrowed it to read a lot of things that really amazed me when I read it, because a book that focuses on life, which is like a rollercoaster, goes up and down sometimes up and sometimes down. about what I mean by this book is motivational and it was as if I was slapped with the words "wake up to dream, or wake up and continue dreaming again" very deep and imprint on my brain.


There are many things in this world that must be learned and practiced, don't forget to be old who is not annoying and always embrace young people who don't know much. surely you will be the best according to your version.


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