My Journey Continues with the CTP/CTPtalk/STEEM platforms - Report #5


Report #5

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1 almost did not make this post tonight. I am very tired from a long day, but stuck to the plan and am making the post right now.


I continued with my daily login to the clicktrackprofit and did my daily recurring tasks in the gauntlet. I am increasing my xp point daily with this task.

I next went on to try to finish my mastery lessons in Trafficleads2incomeVM. I checked of the box 100 emails read. I am slowly completing the mastery in this program daily.


I am still on my plan to get the badge for posting 7 days in a row. I think today's post could get me that badge. I really want to finish this task and get that badge.


I had to buy some more STEEM tokens to get me more steem power to be able to post more. I do not have too many steem tokens staked right now but am planning to increase the stake slowly to get me the steem power I need.

Holybread gaming site

The gaming site is a lot of fun. With the new features added, buying potions, I am climbing the player ranks quickly.

My Player stats are as follows:

Current Rank: 370 / 1993
Rewards: 233.12 / 15min
Ready to fight!

New players are joining every day.

I am now going to get some rest.

Thanks to everyone for reading and following by adventures/journey


Whatever the outcome at least you are making an effort which is more than some are doing.