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Hello and Namaste Friends,

Its mid of the week and time to share the battle for this week. I hope you are having a good time with your family and friends and also staying safe at the place wherever you are. Safety is very important and staying home as much as possible is the best way and with splinterlands game is so much fun and these days its awesome because of the raining daily airdrop and nice DEC with each winning battle.

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This is my splinterlands battle share post for this week. This season is ending today and ending in just 5 hours

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I am here to share the tips and strategies that I followed to win this battle. I played many battles today and now sharing it over here and I will play some battles after this post as well. I finally made it to have a slot in the silver 2 leagues and I can get maximum silver 1 so will try if I can make to it in few hours.

This week's theme card is Wave Runner from water Splinter and this is a small mana card but a good one and I have this card with a higher level with me. I play with his card many times while playing with the water splinter.


Now Let's also have a look at the statistics for this card named Wave Runner. We need to go through it to know more about the Wave Runner card and figure out its capabilities of the card. It's a very important part to know about any card. Without going through stats it's difficult to conclude whether the card is good or not.
Wave Runner is a common card from the water monster in the reward print edition. This card is available from levels 1 to 10 and it gets a total of 3 abilities until level 10.

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My Cards Line-up and for the Battle Information.

I got 48 mana for this battle which is great and I could pick 6 cards including Kraken and Sea monster quite powerful cards and also picked Rulers of the seas which does a nice attack. I played the battle with EASH1 and the opponent player played with the fire monster. My cards played pretty well and this helped me to win the battle. Water is my preferred summoner because I have some nice cards and I win many battles with water.

  • The Kraken
  • Sea Monster
  • Crustacean King
  • Wave Runner
  • Ruler of the Seas
  • Sand Worm

The Kraken

The Kraken is one of the cards that is highly powerful full and it costs 12 mana. This mana cost is high but at the same time, the way it performs is very good and surely deserves to be in battle if we get enough mana. Its a legendary card in water monster and if ana is more than 40 then I always prefer to pick this card and put it in front.


Sea Monster

Monster is quite a powerful card in water splinter and it does attack as well as restore its life after each shot. Keeping it part of the attacking team is very nice. if I have a mana of over 20 then I try to pick it and for all high mana, it must pick for me. I kept it at the front because it can attack and also heal itself.

Crustacean King

It has tank heal from level 1 and Protects ability from level 6 but I have a level 1 card so I am not able to use another ability. It cost 3 mana and with this mana cost, it can be a good pick that I did in this battle because it helps to heal the lives of the monster.

Wave Runner

This is one of the cards that I play quite often and it costs 5 mana. Its from the reward edition of print and it has levels to get 3 abilities. Abilities like reach, knock out and snare are part of this card and we can get on different levels.

Ruler of the Seas

The best of this card is that it hits on two cards in one attempt and this is what makes this card special. the one I have is from Level 1 but it's pretty good and attacks nicely. I can say that this card is the one that attacks two cards in one attack.


Sand Worm

Its one of the cards that is a must pick for a higher mana battle as it costs 9 mana and it also does nice damage to the opponent player. This card played well in the battle and altogether made me win the battle.


Battle Details-

This is the direct link to my battle which will take you to my battle-


I am sharing some snapshots from my battle and it shows how I played with these cards and how it made me win.

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 2.52.11 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 2.52.44 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 2.52.55 PM.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I planned for this battle went pretty well and I won this battle. I will try more ways to play with it in future battles depending upon mana and theme.

Do you use the Wave Runner often? Why or why not?

Wave Runner is a small mana monster card in water monster and I have a level 4 card that values more than $!6 as of now. I have played so many battles with this already and I pick it most of the time I play with water monsters. This is a nice card and I would like to play lots of battles using this card.

This is the official battle challenge post for Splinterlands Weekly Battle Share Challenge. If you like the challenge and want to make a post then you can also participate and share it with more people.

Become part of this wonderful game and enjoy the awesome gaming along with rewards and use my link below to be part of it-


Have a great time and Battle is ON! in the game and even with COVID
Namaste from India 🇮🇳
(Photos and gif is taken from splinterlands and not my property)


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

well done with the wave runner on the battleground. I have seen most of the players putting wave runner at the second slot but you did differently. Great post and nice battle share. Well done