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Splinterlands is my favorite game and I must admit it, I think it is a really great collectible card NFT game to generate passive income, we must keep in mind that it is worth creating quality content on Threads and the potential of this microblogging platform to expand our collection, it is really important all for this reason I want to continue talking about the ecosystem in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands as a stable source of income

Yes, I think Splinterlands is a stable source of income, but you must be very good at the game and then keep in mind that the long term investment is what is worth of all this, for this simple reason I can comment a little my experience in LeoFinance and continue to create quality content. A long time ago I talked to a friend and he told me the potential of Splinterlands in the long term, it is very interesting to undertake a SPS$ node validator, I think I would like to do some research on all this to be honest.

I want to imply with all my posts about Splinterlands that we can simply generate income in LeoFinance for all this and it is simply great all this to be honest. I want to imply that it's simply a great idea to play in the Diamond league on a daily basis, this is really interesting and we should keep it in mind, I want to buy more SPS and increase my NFT card collection effectively. I think Threads can be a stable source of extra income and we can take this into account to simply then generate our income and be able to start our collection in Splinterlands effectively, I think all we should do is play Splinterlands and use Threads, I think this is really great in the long run and we should take all this into account.



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